New Poll Finds Tea Partiers a Smidge More Racist

Ok, maybe a lot more than a smidge.  Arian Campo-Flores of Newsweek reports in an article posted today, that people who approve of the  Tea Party movement tend to have more racist attitudes.  This lil tidbit is very telling: ” Only 35 percent of those who strongly approve of the Tea Party agreed that blacks are hard-working, compared to 55 percent of those who strongly disapprove of the Tea Party.”  Wow…only 55% of blacks are hard-working.  I’m sure that percentage is up from when…1965??  Oh yeah, we were only hard working pre-1865.  With emancipation our productivity went way down.  I wonder why…hmmm.

So a new poll by researchers at the University of Washington caught my eye. The findings are sure to fan the flames further. “People who approve of the Tea Party, more than those who don’t approve, have more racist attitudes,” says Christopher Parker, a University of Washington professor who directed the survey. “And not only that, but more homophobic and xenophobic attitudes.” For instance,  respondents were asked whether they agreed with various characterizations of different racial groups. Only 35 percent of those who strongly approve of the Tea Party agreed that blacks are hard-working, compared to 55 percent of those who strongly disapprove of the Tea Party. On whether blacks were intelligent, 45 percent of the Tea Party supporters agreed, compared to 59 percent of the Tea Party opponents. And on the issue of whether blacks were trustworthy, 41 percent of the Tea Party supporters agreed, compared to 57 percent of the Tea Party opponents.

The survey, which included about 1,000 respondents in six battleground states (like Michigan and Nevada) and California, found similar margins on questions regarding Latinos. And Tea Party supporters were far more likely than opponents to say that immigrants take jobs from people living here (59 percent agreed with that statement), that immigration from foreign countries should be decreased (53 percent agreed), and that undocumented immigrants in the U.S. should be deported immediately (45 percent agreed).

More fuel for the unproductive divisions that are the legacy of sexism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc in America.  I’ll have to see how Fox and Right Wing pundits spin these numbers.


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    You don’t say…

  2. Malcolm X

    So what else is new? Tell me something I didn`t already know. America, America, land of the beautiful. And if you believe that I`m the long lost son of Mr. Rockefeller.

    Peace, in the spirit of my “HEROES”, Brotha Malcolm X and Brotha Fred Hampton.

    Malcolm man, Brotha Malcolm man, I feel your spirit, I hear your voice.Like a mighty rushing ocean, my love for you runs deep. When you spoke it was the call of the lion from Judah, when you walked it was like the great warrior going into battle.

    Malcolm man, Brotha Malcolm man, you exemplify true manhood, the courage you displayed as for us you stood. I still hear your song, and o what a beautiful song it is, such a sweet melody that touches and pierces my soul.

    Malcolm man, Brotha Malcolm man, thank you for the love you displayed, your legacy shall live on as the struggle continues. Malcolm man, Brotha Malcolm man, I love you.

  3. I think we assume that this poll was given to all white people, so I wonder what would happen if someone polled all black people and asked them if white people were trustworthy or intelligent. Honestly, I think the ratings would be lower than the results for black people. Despite the increased social and edcuational aspacts of our society, I think black’s attitudes towards whites have changed even less. We wouldn’t call them honkey these days, but I cant tell you how many times I’ve heard “white MF-ers” in conversations with friends, family, and classmates, all college-educated….

  4. Malcolm X


    You pose a very intriguing question. When we, as Blacks, talk among ourselves in private our “TRUE” feelings concerning whites comes to the forefront. But my question is, “are/would we be justified in our distrust and skepticism of whites? Well let`s look at their history concerning ALL the dark people on the planet.

    Have they according to their history been a bloodthirsty, war mongering people? Check.

    Did they brutilize an entire people and commit the worst atrocities known to man? Check.

    Did they unmercifully enslave our ancestors and work them from can`t see morning to can`t see night for no wages for hundreds of years? Check.

    Did they illegally take the land belonging to the Natives while killing many of them off and forming treaties to which they have yet to abide? Check.

    Did they not inject hundreds of Blacks with syphilis during the Tuskegee Experiment? Check.

    Did they not murder in cold blood many of our courageous leaders who stood for us in pursuit of nothing more than FREEDOM and JUSTICE? Check.

    Are not the Israelis presently occupying, ILLEGALLY, the land belonging to The Palestinians as America supports, unconditionally, Israel? Check.

    Does not America support Israel because she, herself, is guilty of the same crime when it comes to The Natives? Check.

    Is not America, presently, occupying Afghanistan to gain control of their natural resources and to set up its` PUPPET in office? Check.

    Does not America support every white nation having nuclear capability but none of the dark ones? Check.

    Is not Americas` wealth based on the free labor of our ancestors and the exploitation of the natural resources of Africa and ALL the dark nations? Check.

    Is not “THEIR” criminal justice system nothing more than modern day lynching? Check.

    Are not Black men, today, being murdered in cold blood by law enforcement for sport and target practice while it`s considered justifiable homicide? Check.

    This is their history and I`m not the author. Would “ANY” reasonable person of color consider them trustworthy? You make the call…..

    Peace, in the spirit of my “HEROES”, BROTHA Malcolm X and Brotha Fred Hampton.

  5. JGreyden

    All those atrocities were and are committed for the domination of one kind of civilization.

    And these men have shown without ambiguity, that they were ready to go any lenght for keeping it that way.

    But yeah, i get what you wanted to show. The abhorrent malice which seemingly seep out from the cracks in the white man’s fake rationalism mask which make one wonder what mischiefs are they up to again ?

    What i wonder is..

    If, in some kind of alternate universe, our ancestors had been in their ancestor’s stead, would they have acted any better .

    This is the main reason, i have forgiven this whole slavery crap, the whole history victim crap , because deep down i know they would not have fared any better should they have picked cotton with their white little hands in my plantation.

    Is it better to be persecuted than to persecute? Eventually, we will have to face our own issues as well and i don’t think it’s gonna be pretty.

  6. @ Malcolm X

    Every thing you listed is true, except Tuskegee, where blacks with syphillis were intentionally not treated in order to study the natural progression of syphillis, no one was injected with it.

    Also, when you think about it in those terms listed, of course it’s quite easy to say, whites are not trustworthy as a whole. It is also quite unfortunate though that altho what you list is true, to publicly state these facts only makes us SEEM like “angry negroes blaming our problems on the white man” and nothing more. There may never be a way to gain “trustworthiness” between the races, mainly because white people are unwilling to admit that history happened in the manner that it did (Exhibit A: omission of slavery from Confederate History month because the Civil War happened for “any number of reasons”. wtf. ). Wether or not they directly or indirectly benefit from it in the present day; ( & they certainly do) white people as a whole are unwilling to admit any responsibility for the past actions of their race, yet in the eyes of whites, blacks & minorities are directly responsible for every transgression of every less-than-perfect member of their race.

  7. TenSpeed

    On the first section of this poll regarding race, the results seemed consistent with news reports. But the poll gets really bizarre on the section about liberty.

    The poll results on liberty are counter to everything we know about Tea Partiers. Why would a person who is distrustful of government believe that “The government can detain people as long as they want without trial” or “The government can tap people’s telephones?”

    This poll seems highly suspect so I read some of the background. The entire poll took 45 minutes to complete. There is not a Tea Partier in America that is going to waste 45 minutes on a poll. It simply isn’t going to happen. I suspect the pollsters came across shut-ins who wanted attention or college students trying to be clever, or anti-Tea Partiers trying to make a point.

  8. TRIP

    This post lacked a lot. Firstly, someone can think that a ethnic group is lazy without being racist or prejudice. On percentage, blacks have a lot more people on welfare, not going through colleges, not doing a lot of things. And systematically, we do have the shorter stick. But if Jews were given the same scenario, would they do more with our situation? Probably so, because they are more principled and have different motivations. So I think the basis of how this measures racism itself is weak.

    Many Hispanics have bad conditions as well, but can we call them lazy? No! Their problem is that their youth drop out of high school TO work! They do this to support their families. Many of our youth drop out to lollygag and get in trouble or simply give up. As blacks, we do have fundamental problems in our community and we can’t act like the rest of the country doesn’t see them or have to ignore me. It’s silly to think that just because someone recognizes us as lazy means they are against us. I’m not saying that there isn’t a correlation at ALL, I’m just saying that you can’t BASE a correlation to racism solely of people being “hardworking” or not. And it is true that blacks have views of whites too that if you ask the right question it would make us look racist too.

    We have lost a lot of our work ethic, as a people. Desegregation has hurt us more than it helped us.

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