NAACP: Don’t Just Criticize, Become a Member and Effect Change from Within

I just have to give my 2 cents on the Wells Fargo, NAACP, and Boyce Watkins drama.  I’ve listened to all the points given.  I think there are a lot of valid points on both sides.  However, the thing that stands out to me is that the NAACP as an organization is not the same organization that I read about in the history books.  It’s not the NAACP of the time of W.E.B Dubois or in the 60s with King.  This is a different time.  A time that calls for different tactics and is full of different concerns.  The very fact that such an institution is now being challenged from within the black community is interesting.  The NAACP is a holy grail organization historically.  What this whole conflict has make me consider is the future of the organization and how African Americans can best influence it.

The best way for people to influence and ensure its future…JOIN.  For just $30 you can join and actually help this historic organization.  Money talks. If you really care, pay your dues and get involved with the actual governance of the organization.  Sure, you can affect it from outside, but if you really cherish what the NAACP has meant to the African American community, wouldn’t you want to see it refashioned for future survival?  If you have answers and know what direction the organization should do in, why not share them?

Sponsorship means money.  Perhaps if there was an infusion of new member revenue, the amount of sponsorship revenue needed for the conference would have been reduced.  Perhaps they could afford to be more choosy when selecting sponsors in that case.

Just my 2 cents.

Background: Recently the NAACP came under fire by bloggers for having Wells Fargo as a leading sponsor for its annual convention this July. Dr. Boyce Watkins wrote an op-ed for theGrio questioning why the NAACP would partner with Wells Fargo — a company accused of predatory lending practices — so recently after the civil rights organization dropped its lawsuit with the bank. Click here for the response to Dr. Watkins’ inquiry from NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous.


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3 Responses to NAACP: Don’t Just Criticize, Become a Member and Effect Change from Within

  1. “If you lie down with dogs, you’ll come up with fleas…!”

    Join??? No, thank you! I’m good…! It is 2010, and NEGROES still have there eyes wide shut?! I WAS a member, in the ’90s, and in MY opinion, the usefullness, and effectiveness of this organization has LONG been “waning”… Now, the NAACP is starving for money, and starving for membership, and starving for the acceptance of the people?!

    Get real!? Wells Fargo defrauds the people, accepts bail-out money, then dangles it in the face of the NAACP in the form of a sponsorship…?? Horay!! Now, the organization can get a sizable check, that will be used to lull the the NEGROES back to sleep! Of course you want to campaign and propogate for membership, and as per your sponsorship agreement, you will also have us believe that Wells Fargo is a friend of the people?!

    Some of us CAN see things for what it is, and are just sick and tired of being taken advantage of by the rich Zionist Jews, and the elitest “Boule”, the very founders, and purveyors of this organization.

    Sorry, but “the gig is up”, and I’m not buying it!

  2. jubilee

    Many problems in the black community is NOT FROM RACISM but from immorality. If the NAACP has what it takes to survive, they need to get into community work and trying to help boys become men and also abstanance training would be good as well.CONDOMS ARE A FALSE PROTECTION FROM HIV DISEASES, etc.

  3. Eljay

    I had one of the worst experiences with the NAACP. All this organization wants is your money. When the Atlanta office arrested two women who had spent over $250,000 of NAACP money on everything from mortgages to tuition, I asked what policies had been put in place to insure that this type of misappropriation would not happen again. I was given no answer. Unfortunately, the NAACP is heavily dominated by Black ministers. And as one preacher’s daughter informed me: Black ministers often wield more power than they should because Black folks do not challenge the clergy. As for joining: No thank you!!

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