Sex and the City 2: Black Don’t Crack

Black actresses need to thank God that “Black Don’t Crack”.  Apparently HD brings out every little flaw.

I saw “Sex and the City 2” Thursday and I’m telling you, HD film is NOT forgiving!  Not at all.  All of the ladies looked much older than in the first film.  Even Charlotte, who was so youthful looking, was showing major signs of aging (most notably in the chin area).  SJP has always shown her age and is not a Botox or surgery girl so I wasn’t surprised at how she looks.  I will say, Samantha looked the best out of all 4.

I really would have expected that they’d found some way to filter out the harshness of HD.  Whoo!  Makeup Artists, you have your work cut out for you.  Sistafriend actresses, ladies let’s hope that the Melanin and some good moisturizers helps your black not to crack.


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  1. Parker

    Wow, that is so right. And not only will those whities have to deal with aging-they also get slammed by you! Nice double whammy! Can you write an article about how more athletic we are too! I want them to feel the hurt. Right on, brother.

    • Parker: Opinion is opinion. Go out and actually see the movie, before you comment. Without a doubt the SATC ladies look considerably older in the second movie. Everyone has to deal with aging, however if you’re a celeb you know that you’re under the spotlight as a cultural icon. People have always written opinion pieces on celebs and reviews of movies.

      It’s called Melanin and it makes the skin more elastic. Look it up!

  2. jubilee

    Youre right ! black don’t crack but wrinkles aren’t the only thing that ages a woman..sagging skin is just as bad.—-whites just used to broil out in the sun in their youth, but, they’re not letting their kids get any. Kids today are having a Vita D deficit because there using too much sunscreen outside ..the old people are right—YOU NEED TO GET SOME SUN SOMETIME or else you are going to have weak bones when youre older.

  3. Malcolm X

    This is so true. I am soooo thankful to be clothed in my Black skin with all its melanin. I remember an episode of ‘Sanford and Son’ when Redd Foxx said to Lamont, “ain`t nothing on this earth uglier than a 90 year old white woman”. I was rolling on the floor, LOL. Even in comedy one can find truth.

    Yet to hear them (whites) tell it they are the most beautiful creatures ever created. However, their sun tanning speaks to a deeper truth. It says to a wise man that they DESPISE their pale skin and secretly wish they were bequeated with a dark hue. This is just truth. Just look at the HUGE contrast when we age and when they age.

    As Redd Foxx alluded to there`s a huge difference between a 90 year old Black woman and a 90 year old white woman. We don`t even have to go that far in age. You can see the difference when we and they reach our 40s. Once again I`m sooooo appreciative of my BLACK skin.

    “A wise man can play the part of a clown, but a clown can`t play the part of a wise man”

    Malcolm X

    I PROFOUNDLY love you Brotha Malcolm.

  4. That’s what years spent baking in the sun, w/o sunscreen, or a lack thereof, will do. The sun is a beast – to all skin tones. Also, crash dieting also has a devastating impact on the skin.

    So, everybody: Wear sunscreen!

  5. Parker

    sista- I wasn’t trying to hate-just appreciate. I’m so glad that there is a site where we can- as malcolm x posted above-love our black skin, while slamming them (whites) at the same time.
    And I did see the movie already- as you obviously did with your in depth and thought provoking review that couldn’t have just been written based on watching a preview.
    Again, I thank you for creating this site that is pushing forward in our fight against racial intolerance.

  6. Marcus

    “I’m so glad that there is a site where we can- as malcolm x posted above-love our black skin, while slamming them (whites) at the same time.”

    I don’t think it is okay to be slamming other people. Yes we as a group have been slammed but do we want to become the same as the hateful whites? I do not.

    • If you are wrinkled, you are wrinkled. If you are white, you are white. These women happen to be white. If you have some examples of some very wrinkled black women that you’d like to site and draw attention to as well, feel free to do so.

  7. i think we as women should stop judging each other based on our looks. women, it seems, have come to fear aging. a sag here and a wrinkle there seem to induce suicidal tendencies. asking a woman her age right now is like asking her how many sexual partners she’s had. and why? why are we trying to maintain an impossible exterior? to continue to be the sex object for men? is this expectation reciprocated by males? absolutely not.

    if you are going to criticize the SATC women, at least make some comment about how Aiden and Big have aged in the film. better yet, let’s criticize the film for more pressing issues, like how there’s only been maybe 2 or 3 black people in the entire 4 season long show, including both movies, or how the homosexuals in the series are more arm candy than real people, or how having a show about four straight white women from upper class backgrounds living materialistic lives continues to perpetuate white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, and heterosexism.

  8. i don’t watch a lot of TV and never really liked SATC, ymmv. but i certainly wouldn’t spend a lot of money on a giant TV and blue ray superHD whatever technology they’re selling these days. i like classic and foreign film, and watching them on my computer is just fine. i remember when HD first came out, and i noticed that a lot of folks of all colors were a lot less perfect looking than before.

    the trick won’t be to improve make up. it will be the digital manipulation of film and teevee made for HD. that’s what will happen, as it’s cheap and easy now to make computer images seem very ‘real.’

  9. Lucky

    Right on with the right on! White people are perpetually ridiculing every aspect of our appearance. Everything from our skin color to our hair to our features. Nothing escapes whitey’s mockery.

    Yet, they will flame broil themselves in the hot sun, spend countless amounts of money on tanning bed visits, tanning lotions, wipes and pills. There’s even (illegal) melanin injections. (Don’t believe me? Google it!). They say that tanning gives their skin a healthy appearance as if they have been on vacation. What they are actually saying is: white skin doesn’t look healthy.

    They even mock other whites who have ghastly pale skin. There is a psychology behind tanning. There are is a term coined for whites who are addicted (yes, addicted) to tanning: “tanorexia”. (Google that too!)

  10. Jenna

    I go to cosmetology school in MS. and 90% of my clients are black. They all want me to guess their age, and I cannot! Black women age BEAUTIFULLY. I’m gonna be a scary, wrinkled monster when I’m 50, but black women can look 30 years old when they are 65!

  11. tam

    Eventually saw the movie and completely agree.

  12. Fran

    I agree with Nell. I wish women would stop judging each other based looks. But I guess that will never happen as we are socialized to compete against each other for the affections of me. It’s maddening. I get so tired of women demeaning other women because so and so is prettier than so and so or heaven forbid, acquires a wrinkle or two. Aging is ongoing – for everyone.

  13. Beef Bacon

    Wow, i was just commenting on how truthful HD is. lol. It is not forgiving. It shows every pimple, wrinkle, etc. that make-up tries to conceal.

  14. jubilee

    I don’t know where you get that info about whites ridiculing our looks Lucky: I’ve never heard about that recently, what ive been seeing though is white guys going out and sometimes marrying dark chocolate sista types. I just think the women got tired of the colorism in the black community and took a chance.

  15. Lucky

    jubilee, you have never heard whites joke about our hair, our “big noses” our “blue gums” or “shit skin”, our lips, etc? Have you ever heard if Don Imus, by chance?

    As a woman, I don’t know why you are pointing out WM/BW IRs to me. I know that WM/BW relationships is the fastest growing coupling, but what does that have to do with how black people are consistently and constantly mocked? I’m trying to understand the correlation.

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