Ninja, Pleassse! You sho is crazy, Ninja!

Black people, I have to say that I found this “Ninja, Say What?” video to be very informative.  As I watched it I said to myself, mmm…Black folk must really, really sound crazy sometimes depending on who is listening in on us using the one word we don’t want others to use.

Tell me what you think.


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13 Responses to Ninja, Pleassse! You sho is crazy, Ninja!

  1. Cegiel

    Body language has such an important role in this video, the comedians definitely put an emphasis in mimicking behavioural code that are supposedly marked as black.

    Should the n-word be wiped from the memory of all mankind, we would probably use another word instead, but the behaviour wouldn’t change because there is a reason why this behaviour is used in the first place.

  2. Hilarious and true. Very well done.

  3. Betty

    Cegiel, I couldn’t have said it better!

  4. simon

    I think it’s great. Good to see some of the intensity around the word eased by paralleling the perspectives around it. It sucks the wind out of the word and lays it on the table to be debated for what it is in its modern context. Full of historical significance yes; but in today’s fashion which it has literally become, it is a folly to say that this generation ‘owns ‘ it, and more fool them if they would want to as though it were a birthright

  5. I think a key moment in the video comes at the end when the South Asian comes up on the basketball court. The pause as they mull over potential inclusion, and finally, the smiles and hand slaps, and you hear one of them say, “he counts.” I think the subtle message of the video concerns in-groups and out-groups, and how the legacy of racism in not only this country, but world-wide, has left deep divisions between communities that could be allied.

  6. TYBO2020


  7. Shad

    Wow. I’ve never realized how silly “I can say n****a but you can’t say n***er” sounds until watching this video. This was not only informative, but quite an eye opener.

  8. WOW…this is hilarious and eye opening all at the same time. Thanks for posting.

  9. ann

    It was funny and some of us do behave that way.

  10. Okay, so I stumbled here, really like what I’ve seen thus far and where are you? lol

    Blogging time is quite different than regular ol’ man made time. Being away too long makes your readers start to feel a lil’ antsy.

    Hurry back:)

  11. brilliant, the textbook definition of satire. provocative. i loved it, even as it made me uncomfortable.

  12. benster

    Absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!! I hate the fact that some black folk try to draw a distinction between “nigger and nigga”! BUT unfortunately there’s some acceptance in the community. I agree with the comments of Cegiel and Chicago Dyke”, this should make us think.

  13. Anncka J

    Haha I love this, and yes it totally makes sense why they think we’re crazy. Thanks for sharing!

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