I am a Brown Twitter Bird

If you’re not hip to the #BrownTwitterBird movement and the “interesting:  Slate article by Farhad Manjoo that started it all, get hip!  Details here.

My Bird’s name is Avian…as in Avian Flu.  She so fly!!  She so fancy!

The #BrownTwitterBird Tweets go from hilarious to just bland and stereotypical.  In the end it’s interesting to consider how much influence African-Americans could have in this medium.  I think the Slate article was flawed by the fact that you can’t verify race by Twitter profile pics, but hey…whatever.  I hadn’t even heard of a “blacktag” until this article and I’m black (really black) so what does that tell you.

Much Love to InnyVinny for creating a monster meme virus that has spread like wildfire.

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  1. the article was terribly flawed and rather insulting. rarely have i seen anyone take the time to write an entire article about how white people use twitter, stumbleupon, digg, facebook or anything else.

    titling an article ‘how black people use twitter’ groups an entire race of people into the behaviors of a subset within that group. the fact that the profile pics often shed little light on what color the user actually is is another point i didn’t even think about.

    and don’t even get me started on the brown twitter bird!

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