Sending Boys Bathroom Photos: Bishop Eddie Long

9/23.2010 Update:  A second photo (posted below) was made public since this post was sent out.

The bible says that thou who is without sin should cast the first stone.  I wasn’t planning to cast any stones on a heap that is already big enough in the case of the alleged Bishop Eddie Long Scandal.  And then I saw this photo posted by ABC News.

Um…really?  Bathroom stall photo?  Um…the people I know who take bathroom photos are in their twenties or teens.  Why would Bishop Long send this photo to a young man?  I don’t know about you, but if this was a series of photos, I would expect to see a penis in the photos.  It’s a bathroom amateur photo session, so I don’t think that’s a stretch.

On the ABC News site the caption for the photo says…

“An undated photo provided by B.J. Bernstein, lawyer for Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg, allegedly shows Bishop Eddie Long, accused in a lawsuit of coercing Robinson and Flagg into a sexual relationship. Bernstein has promised that she has photos, texts and e-mails that show a relationship between her clients and the bishop.”

Today, a third accuser has come forward and Bishop Long is scheduled to do an interview tomorrow morning with Roland Martin. This doesn’t look good. I’m waiting to see more photos, voice mails, text messages…you know…Tiger Woods all over again.  I’m not saying the man is guilty of the accusations but I’m not saying he’s innocent.  He looks suspect to me in this photo.  That’s what I’m saying.

Update 9/23: UH…this is looking even worse.  The Daily Voice (via ABC NEWS) posted the full version of the photo above and this new picture of Bishop Eddie long in an Under Amour muscle shirt and tight biking shorts.  Sigh!!  I again I ask why would you send this type of photo to a young man for whom you are spiritual mentor.  Were you doing P90X together?


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9 Responses to Sending Boys Bathroom Photos: Bishop Eddie Long

  1. Now how scandiculous is that ish?!!!

  2. B.

    I just wonder if his wife is wondering what the hell she’s gotten herself into, being married to this man.

    Now, we surely don’t know when these photos were taken or who they were sent to.

    But they surely WERE taken by the good bishop and sent out to… someone.

    I too wonder why a grown a** man would be taking these kinds of photos of himself for ANY reason.

    If there was a legitimate reason for him to be taking photos dressed as he is, why didn’t his wife take them???

    Eddie Long, God has your number. And it looks like your line ain’t so busy no more.

  3. pres46

    Only two types of guys send out these types of photos: straight men who send them to their wives/girlfriends and gay men who send them to their boyfriends. School’s out, Eddie.

  4. michael

    Like any other American,Clergy or not, the Bishop
    is innocent under the law until proven guilty by areponderence of EVIDENCE!!! More importantly
    this is a matter between God the Almighty and one of His Servants.

    • God’s servants are not afraid to speak the Truth, whether a lawyer advises them to or not! I don’t understand why he didn’t use the word innocent when he spoke in either of 2 services on Sunday. No mention of lies. He did not say “I’m not guilty”.

  5. Innocent until proven guilty….
    He says he is going to fight this, but I just wonder what the hell he was thinking when he was sending these pics out. Men dont just send boys/men pics like that…so what was the reasoning behind it.
    AND that new piece of hair he has isn’t helping him any. A pastor wearing a lacefront..doesnt that just scream gay???

  6. Mike Hunt

    Is anyone really surprised? Just leave the man alone. It’s not like he or the rest of his ilk won’t re-offend, so why not just let it be?

  7. Mike Hunt

    Of course if this had been a white Catholic priest, I’d be interested to see how this blog would have been written. Seriously? A supposed “man of the cloth” taking bathroom photos of himself. I don’t care what color the dude is, that’s messed up. Now, you could all use this as a teachable moment and get this guy away from kids before something tragic happens. It’s THIS very kid-glove treatment of criminals that causes so much crime in the black community.

    If there are no consequences for his actions, why not keep doing it. And what do you suppose the kids are learning about appropriate behavior, by the way?

  8. Sistah Tu Much

    @Mike Hunt: Thank you so much for your comments. As someone who was victimized repeatedly by the Black church, after being victimized by predators within it, in their “don’t air our dirty laundry” mentality, I appreciate your compassion. As a suvivor, as a Christian, as a woman of God, as a parent, as a Black person & as a woman of the cloth, I salute you & pray God’s blessings upon you.

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