No Wedding, No Womb: Sistas, Let’s Lead the Cause

I know black women who won’t swim because they might get their perm or weave wet.

I know black women who won’t let you borrow their keys or give you a place to stay for a week or two.

I know black women who would give you their last dime

I know black women who are so convincing, they could talk a leopard out of its spots.

I know black women who manage each dime of their paycheck like they are working for the Obama Administration and correcting the BS of the American banking system.

I know black women who are the coldest, most put together people on the planet.

I’ve seen black women overcome obstacles, handle their business, love like no other, help their communities, and carry the load.  We can be opinionated, steadfast, loving, passionate, pushy and exacting.  Even our errors are correct, as Nikki Giovanni might say.   We are some of the strongest people on the planet and we often have to make some serious decisions.  One of the toughest decisions can be who we share our bed with, our womb with. However, I know a LOT of women who have made a conscious decision to wait until they are married to conceive.

This is why I believe that the goal of the NO Wedding, NO Womb campaign is something that Black Women can really embrace.  NWNW calls for WOMEN [and men] to put the needs of children first, and advocates that couples abstain from having children until they are emotionally, physically and financially able to care for them.

Is this about bashing single mothers?  NO.  Frankly I know a lot of single mothers who would happily embrace the concept that people should think long and hard about having a child out-of-wedlock.  There are burdens and joys to being a single mom.  I believe that most would not call it all roses.

Black women, we control access to our wombs.  We carry the genes of slave foremothers who did not have choice when it came to reproduction, but have passed on their strength to us.  WE can make a difference in our communities by embracing the message that African-Americans should consider waiting until marriage to have children.


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2 Responses to No Wedding, No Womb: Sistas, Let’s Lead the Cause

  1. Dee Aytes

    Amen. This is something that would definitely empower the black community. Too many children are suffering needlessly because they were born by parents who were not emotionally or financially ready to care for them.

  2. Ed

    Celibacy don’t work. We have been arguing with the religoius right about that abstinence only nonsense for years. How about we change campaign to “Women stop sleeping with Male Sluts” or better yet ” Women need to go out and kick some game to the fellas”. I think doing either of those things would vastly improve the welfare of black men and women.

    Women’s bad choice in men in their younger years justifies many a young mans choice to go down the destructive path of trying to be “the man” as opposed to ” a man”. Women selecting the playboys over the nice guys reinforces negative behavior at a crucial time in young mens lives.

    Women’s learning to kick some game would keep them from having to wait for the playboys to who prey on them. Women are equal to men and there is no reason for women not to make a equal effort to initiate relationships. Women would learn what men have learned by doing this and be more understanding of the opposite sex. These skills are learned as a natural response to the threat of rejection.

    These two solutions are better than the passive and lazy approach of abstinence which relies on magic thinking more than anything else. I met a 24 year old virgin. She lost it a few months later to an Alpha who dumped her shortly after. Being a virgin won’t protect you from reality.

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