The Set UP: If you think the GOP and Tea Party Wins Are Bad for Obama, Think Harder

I have 2 words for everyone who thinks that the GOP and Tea Party victories in the 2010 Election are bad for Obama.  BILL CLINTON

Everyone talks a big game.  It’s when game times comes that we see who the real champions are.  It’s game time, but as they say “the game doesn’t change, just the players”.  Have we seen this team on the right wing bench before?

In Bill Clinton’s day, the GOP said they could do a better job.  American put them in the game.  They shut the government down and talked a lot of bull.  That veto pin was really busy.  In the end, America realized that ole Bill Clinton wasn’t that bad in comparison.  People rejected the GOP’s efforts and Clinton got a second term.  OH, and America got a budget surplus.  We could use a surplus right now, right?

Now, I’m not saying that the GOP of old was absolutely terrible.  The fact that both Clinton and the right had to move to the center helped in many ways.   I should also note that there was much collaboration and cooperation at that time.  We haven’t seen much of that between the parties during this administration.

My prediction is that the GOP will be challenged not only by the left, but also by the Tea Party whom they’ve catered to and made promises to.  If they can’t live up to the hype they’ve created, I predict that it will help Obama win re-election in 2012.  Their candidate will be associated with their failure.

Hopefully, those representing the GOP/Tea Party will be held accountable and not allowed to sell out to corporations and special interests.  With regard to reigning in spending…good luck with that.  Social Security is killing us, but it’s still a sacred cow.

Oh, let’s add to this that I don’t see any right-wing contenders for the Presidency (as of this date) who could win over conservative liberals and is popular with independents.  Palin doesn’t count.

In the end…these election results could end up helping President Obama win re-election in 2012.  There is always a set up, people.  Always.


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5 Responses to The Set UP: If you think the GOP and Tea Party Wins Are Bad for Obama, Think Harder

  1. amery

    thanks for the encouragement, I was feeling real low right about now

  2. ger turner bright

    So glad I stumbled on your site…intelligent, witty and insightful. In a word – delicious! Thanks and Cheers!

  3. Mike Hunt

    The Tea Party is a new entity, not seen since the Revolutionary War (I happen to be a Tea Partier). And it may well help Obama, and, remember, we weren’t formed out of hatred for a Black President.
    We’re about lower taxes and smaller government, which means more jobs for everyone.

    Also, don’t forget the Tea Party helped elect Allen West and Tim Scott, 2 of the only Black Republicans elected since Reconstruction.

    As a Tea Partier, if President Obama moves to the center and cuts taxes (more jobs for everyone), I’ll stand behind him. I don’t care what his affiliation is.

    The problem with Obama is the thinking that some have that he’s some kind of Messiah. Well, no one is a Messiah!

    Now, my argument against Obama is that he tends to encourage the playing of the “victim” mentality, and that’s not good for anyone. I’ve said before that, whenever I’ve worked with Black women, they’ve worked every bit as hard, or harder, than I have. They don’t need a handout. (It’s usually the men who are sluffing off, you know?)

    He may well be re-elected, and if he lowers taxes, strengthens our economy, and defends against terrorism, this white man says, “So be it!” That’s what I want in a President, and that what I’ll vote for!

    We Tea Party members do not hate Obama; we disagree with him on fundamentals. But if he’ll work with us (if that helps the country – who knows, right?) we’ll support him.

    Let’s face it, all racialism and idiotic bigotry aside, the first color we see is Green – Am I makin $ Mr President – well, gotta vote for that!

    Peace all!

  4. Lynne

    It was my feeling that the GOP would win as they did and this would be good for the President in that, now we would get a chance to see what the GOP would do since they would be in charge. I was very distrubed by the House Speaker that the No. 1 goal is to make sure the President does not win a second term, it wasn’t the economy, the senseless war, JOBS, etc., but to me this shows just how much it is about having a Black President over anything else. We need to stop the fakin’ and shakin’ and own up to, it’s not about what the President is doing as much as the color of his skin. You would think that at the end of 2010 all the racism, bigotry would be put aside and the main focus would be on getting this country back up and running again no matter whom is in office, it just happens that Mr. President is a black man, get over it!!!!!

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