Took a little vacation and Sidenote on Obama’s announcement about Osama

I’m coming back yall.  Had to take a break.  There is too much good news out there for me not to throw my 2 cents in, so I’ll get down to business in the next few days.  Thank you to all my readers who encourage me to keep writing and posting interesting, racist, sad, crazy, and at times positive information.

Sidenote: I thought Obama was going to say that aliens had landed and revealed themselves instead of Usama bin Laden* being killed.  Don’t laugh.  So did a lot of other people…I was on Twitter looking at all of the predictions.    Maybe it was due to this Dave Chappelle skit.

Man, I love reading crazy comments on Twitter during major events and award shows.  Anyone out there feel the same way?

*All of a sudden there are 2 spellings for Osama?  All this week I’ve seen “Usama” from the FBI posters.  Ummm…am I the only one seeing this.  Are there just 2 spellings or were Americans spelling his name wrong for years.  Just wondering.

Update:  Much Love to Kyle for answering my question below.!


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2 Responses to Took a little vacation and Sidenote on Obama’s announcement about Osama

  1. Quick note on Arabic names: Arabic has no formal spelling convention to distinguish between “O” and “U”. In classical Arabic, there is no “O” (nor is there an “E”). So UBL’s first name would be “Usama” according to classical Arabic, and could be either “Usama” or “Osama” depending on regional dialect.

  2. Jesse

    Nah, they just don’t want his name to look like our Commander in Chief’s. Imagine if the news accidentally said “Obama” instead of “Osama” LOL. Our president already has Hussein in there, isn’t that bad enough?

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