So, Folks Have Issues with Jill Scott and Common at White House

Wow.  Jill Scott and Common, two of the most mellow and artistic musical phenoms I know, are getting bashed by the right-wing (Palin and Drudge Report) for lyrics.  I’m sure these pundits had no clue who they were before this and have simply discovered them via the White House Poetry night.  Um…didn’t Bush Senior’s Presidency include a visit from Easy E (He gave big donations to the Republican Party.  Long story.  See VH1 RockDocs.).

Oh I get it!  You can visit the White House if you’re a real thug AND  you’ve given to the RNC.  Well, that explains a whole lot.

This is a mess.  So you can’t do protest songs any more? Joan Baez, anyone?  Bob Dylan, maybe.  You can’t talk about your opinions on race, politics, etc in songs anymore, Right Wing America?  All we can listen to is Travis Tritt crooning about the Red, White, and Blue?  I’m moving to Canada.

You can’t wish ill of the president?  Really, Really?  As much as the right-wing tolerates people calling Obama names and calling for bad things to happen to him…you are going to bring up some song lyrics?  Hypocracy!


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3 Responses to So, Folks Have Issues with Jill Scott and Common at White House

  1. Malcolm X

    If you ask me we need more protest songs, as well as some action….just take notice and open your eyes. Look at all the revolutions goin` on in The East. The masses have grown weary of all the colonialism/imperialism/oppression by the wicked “powers that be”. The status quo is an enemy to all of us and a change must come in order for the survival of the oppressed. We need more conscious artists today so that something can actually be said instead of all the “NOTHINGNESS” lyrics that keep the population dumb down.

    We need less finger poppin` and booty shaking because whether we know it or not we are all in trouble. Bro. Marvin Gaye said it best…”What`s Goin` On”? “Mother, mother, there`s far too many of you cryin`/Brother, brother, there`s far too many of you dyin`. “Mercy, Mercy Me”, also, from Bro. Marvin. “Ah mercy, mercy me/things ain`t what they use to be/oil wasted on our seas/fish full of mercury”. Bro. Marvin spoke about the trouble and turmoil in the world and he made us conscious.

    Then we have MJ (my fav artist). In his song “History” a line goes….a soldier dies/a mother cries/. Both Marvin and MJ were conscious of the world around them and they saw all the injustices and oppression of the masses. ..just look around you. America is still engaged in “ILLEGAL” and “UNJUST” wars that take the lives of the youth and cause many mothers to shed tears in order for the rich to maintain their way of life that doesn`t include the masses. A young soldier dies and his mother is given The American Flag to console her for the life that she bored as though her child died with honor. Where`s the honor in dying for an “IMPERIALISTIC” and “COLONIALISTIC” Government???

    All the right wing/left wing/conservative/liberal/republican/democrat/ is nothing more than rhetoric. Because if the truth be known none of them give a damn about us. They are nothing more than hired/paid guns for the rich oil companies, insurance agencies, pharmecudical industry, the banking industry, etc. One party pretends that they`re for you while the other party is clearly against you…you know, good cop/bad cop. If anyone can`t see through this “CHARADE” then I truly feel sorry for you. They make promises during election year and then tell us to go to the polls and vote because thing will be better for us…”HYPOCRITES” and “LIARS”, ALL of them!!! We , as a people, have been duped.

    There is no American dream when 1% controls all the wealth. There is no justice. Young Black males continue to be murdered by law enforcement at an alarming rate, the cost of living continue to rise with no increase in wages, the judicial system is stacked against all people of color. The judicial system itself is set up by the very criminal to whom we expect justice…there`s no justice in them. Yeah it`s way past time to protest, now is the time for some action.

    Peace, in the name of my “HERO” Malcolm X

    Michael Jackson and the “GOLDEN” 80s 4ever!!!

  2. civil radd

    ok,negro what about Ms.RITA DOVE…..SO #$%^&* SAD.

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