Nothing Like a Red, Black, and Green, Leather, Africa Medallion

Just feeling nostalgic today.  How many of you used to rock medallions like these in the 80s?  Don’t lie.  You had one…with big fat wooden beads on it too.  I call it the “Pre-Bling Black Consciousness Revival Period”.  My mom used to make them and sell them at local events.  Takes me back.  Not Crafty?  You can buy one on etsy.

I wonder if this would be considered acceptable workplace jewelry.

Photo: leathercraftsman


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  1. Malcolm X

    I didn`t have a medallion but, being an MJ fan, I did have a “Beat It” jacket and a white glove…lol. As far as feeling nostalgic, that’s me everyday. The 80s is my fav. decade. I often reminisce of all the music videos and music during that era. My catalog, however, is filled with music from the 60s-80s that`s as diverse as two differnt cultures…here`s a peak. Michael Jackson, The Jacksons, The Jackson 5, Janet Jackson, Prince, Madonna, The Time, Rick James, Stevie Wonder, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Pat Benatar, Blondie, The Beatles, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Classical Music, Sarah Vaughn, Culture Club, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, New Edition, Diana Ross, The Supremes, Hall & Oats, Jesse Johnson, Mary Jane Girls, Klymaxx, Atlantic Starr, Huey Lewis & The News, Jimi Hendrix, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Shalamar etc.

    I don`t pigeon hole myself into one genre of music, because in doing so, you miss out on a world of great music. I still rock all of this music to this day and it`s as fresh as it was back in the day. I remember when Mike`s “Off The Wall” album first came out and it was the first piece of music that I ever purchased. I thank God that my mother conceived me at the right time in history to be able to have witnessed Mike at his peak and early prime. I rember The “Thriller” phenomenon as though it was just yesterday, his legendary “Motown 25” performance, his legendary “Bad” Tour. Yeah, the 80s remain “GOLDEN” to me. I remember when videos first started on MTV and BET and played 24/7, none of these silly reality shows. Yeah, I can say that I was of enough of an advance age to have witnessed The greatest “PERFORMER/SHOWMAN”, known as, Michael Jackson. Yeah, the days of yesteryear have forsaken me but the memories last a life time. *sigh* If I only had a time machine.

    Peace, in the spirit of my “HERO” Malcolm X (RIP)

    Michael Jackson & The “GOLDEN” 80S 4ever!!! (RIP) “MASTER SHOWMAN.”

  2. Malcolm X

    Yeah, I know, right…as well as The Gap Band, Kool & The Gang, Sade, Roger & Zapp, as well as reggae. I own all of the aforementioned music that I just named. There`s just SO many. But, anyway, long live The 80s!!!

    Peace, in the spirit of my “HERO” MALCOLM X (RIP)

    Michael Jackson & The “GOLDEN” 80s 4ever!!! (RIP) Mike

  3. I do remember the 80’s as well as the 70’s. During the 70’s, i remember Marvin Gaye singing “what’s going on” and the brothers were wearing afro picks in their very large fro’s with Dashiki’s, 2-tone colored bellbottoms with flaps on the pockets. I also remember wearing “Playboy Shoes” Patent Leather shoes, and MarshMellow’s. Going to 42nd street and watching PamGrier or Jim Brown,Fred Williamson and Jim Kelly. As the 80’s rolled around, things had change. Some of my friends were wearing “Jeri Curls” and listening to the sound of Prince and many others that had that sound. Earth,Wind&Fire was always my favorite group along with Pink Floyd,Yes,The Isleys,Phyllis Hyman,Teddy Pendergrass,Teena Marie,Issac Hayes,The Main Ingredients,The Delfonics,The Styllistics, and Angela Bofill. Although i have never worn anything to show my ‘Black Pride” My dark skin represents who and what i am. Thank you.

  4. AMScott

    Can you get your mom to post instructions on how to make these?

  5. Von

    You said your mother made them. Do you know how to make them as well and are willing to share? I would love to make one for my husband but I’m not naturally crafty and not finding guidance via google searches. I would love any help!

  6. Mikey

    I spent hours looking for these on the internet…ill be 25.years old on wedensday…perfect.birthday present!

  7. The funny thing is that I do know how to make them. I’ll see if I can get some faux leather and work up a tutorial. That should be interesting. Basically all you need is colored leather, leather string or cord, a glue gun, and a stencil for the africa. No real sewing goes into it.

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