Things Still Untouched by Gentrification in DC

1. “The Shrimp Boat” in NE.

2. Fat Face Bar-B-Que – I see a white person or two in there from time to time, but hey that’s always been the case.  Who doesn’t love delicious soul food?

3. The Open Mic Scene on U Street – The whole sad, non-rhyming white poetry thing hasn’t over taken the “Def Poetry Jam” style of most black poetry.

4. Go-Go Music

5. Marshall Heights – I don’t care how many condos they tried to put over there.  Still Marshall Heights.

6. Minnesota Ave Metro station at night

7. Horace and Dickie’s – Until they sell fried tofu or an avocado and fish sandwich…they are untouched.  LOL

8. Safeway in Petworth – All I can say is yuck.

9. The Homelessness Problem has not improved – Shouldn’t it get better with gentrification?

10. Single Black Women complaining about not being able to find a good man – What about all these good, employed white boys walking around, sis?

This is not a comprehensive list.  So much more could be said.  Wash DC people, what would you add to this list.

Update: I stand corrected.  The Shrimp Boat IS in NE. I placed it in SE.  My bad, Yall!


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10 Responses to Things Still Untouched by Gentrification in DC

  1. There are some things in New York that are still untouched. But i would like to add to#9 about the homeless. Here in New York City, the homeless problem is getting worst. With the added economic situation the homeless shelters are very crowded as well as the churches and “way stations”. Seeing homeless sleeping on the streets next to the luxury highrisers is an everyday sight. And now with a program that gives ‘Vouchers” for assistance in getting an apartment being cut or taking a brutal beating, some of those people are going back to the shelters. Even with “Gentrification” all over the city, the one thing that has not significantly changed is the homeless. Now, Jews,Asians,Whites,hispanics,Indians, and Blacks are now seen sleeping in the shelters of New York City. Serving the homeless and poor on weekends, i see all the colors equally asking for food and clothing. Even the men with the curls on the side of their heads dressed in black are on line to eat. This is an important subject to me because i do voluteer work on the weekends. Even the beautiful churches on park ave have the homeless sleeping there at night. Because they are shuned by society, they now make The Public library thier second home. “Shouldn’t it get better” is correct. But now the homeless,the unemployed,the poor, are now us. We,or most of us, are just one pay check away from what most of us avoid everyday. Gentrification has built up many neighborhoods in the city. There is more housing than before. More restaurants,shopping malls,parks,and movie theaters. Along with the improvements came steeper prices on everything from going to the movies to getting a pack of cigarettes. Yet most peole make do. And some don’t. My eyes tell me the truth. Have a great weekend. Thank you.

  2. Tim

    The Shrimp Boat, technically, is in on the northeast side of East Capitol Street.

  3. Ereisha

    ^^^This is why I don’t think black women should IR with white men.

  4. Ereisha,

    I’m curious. To you object to all inter-racial relationships based on one this single letter I wrote as catharsis? Or do you just discriminate against them in general, and my letter was merely proof-positive that you’re justified in doing so? Also, do you think someone admitting their own flaws as a person and then working to overcome would still make an inter-racial relationship a bad idea? Just some thoughts from one stranger to another, commenting on my life ; )

  5. PBG

    I just rode past The Shrimp Boat the other day. It will NEVER be touched. It will NEVER be touched. And you are right, Marshall Heights will forever be Marshall Heights.

    BTW, The Shrimp Boat IS on the NE side of East Capitol Street. But East Capitol Street separates NE from SE, not from Maryland. Sista, are you a DC native? Doesn’t seem like it. 😉

    • PBG, When I saw the condo conversions they did in Marshall Heights (that had to be 6-7 years ago) I was shocked.

      LOL. My bad and no, not a native. Thanks.

  6. Ryan T.

    All true, especially #10. I thought I was the only “good, employed white boy” who notices this. So many young black women constantly moan that they “can’t find no man,” yet they vehemently refuse to even try dating outside their race. There’s a shortage of young, single black men in the United States in recent years, and there is now also a smothering overabundance of young white men. No excuse for women of any race to claim there are no decent men.

  7. ronnie20019

    PBG the Shrimp Boat will be touched, and hopefully soon! The For Sale sign went up this week. Though they have out priced the building for unsolicited offers in the past, hopefully our neighborhood can soon see progress on this sight, a blight for way too many years.
    Can we hear an AMEN!!!

  8. Momo

    Wasn’t East Capitol St, right behind the Capitol, say E, Capitol St and 5th ave, that area, didn’t it used to be almost all African-American?

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