What does Michele Bachmann know about the African-American community?

I’m confused.  I know that all the potential Republican candidates are basically competing on the airwaves to see who can bash Obama best.  However, Michele Bachmann has tacked on some  promises to her usual President bashing in this video that I’m don’t think she intends to keep.

“This president has failed the Hispanic community. He has failed the African-American community,” she said. “He has failed us all when it comes to jobs.” Um, just because your intern looked up some statistics online, does mean you understand the impact of joblessness in minority communities.

  • Is this how she appeals to Blacks and Latinos?  I guess we’re dumb enough to just believe numbers and not consider the context of our lives or who’s talking, huh?
  • Does she really, really intend to be a jobs champion for Blacks and Latinos?
  • Is equality and job creation in minority communities what the Tea Party has been fighting for all this time?  If so (you know that’s not so) that message has not been clear at all.

I’m very confused.   Is she running for President of the USA or President of the NAACP?  Is she trying to present at the next Alma Awards?  Please!!  People will say anything to get a vote.


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2 Responses to What does Michele Bachmann know about the African-American community?

  1. There is NO European/Caucasian on the face of the Earth who has any authority to speak on the lives of the MAJORITY Dark people on the Earth. What do they know about our lives and historical life experiences since our existence and especially since our sojourn/exile here in The Western Hemisphere?? Answer: Not a damn thing. Michelle Bachmann, like all her comrades, should stick to topics on which they are more well versed. Am I to believe after all the racist polices/agendas, as well as the systematic racism that we, as Blacks incur on a daily basis that Bachmann or any of her croonies give a damn about the prosperity of our communities?? HELL NO!!! Does she honestly take us for fools who can be led around on a leash?

    This capitalistic society, known as America, has no regards for her many slaves who built this country with sweat and blood and whose blood furtilized these lands. They only speak of us as an afterthought and to us in the most condescending way. So Bachmann and all her croonies can take their superficial concern for our well being and shove it up their pale asses.

    Peace, in the name of my ‘HERO’ Malcolm X

  2. I am so upset at some of the decisions that President Obama has made. However, when I look over at the alternatives it would definitely be a turn for the worst. I hope that Obama and the Democrats can get their act together and bring the change that was promised.

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