Thoughts on the Casey Anthony Trail aka. Sit Down, Nancy Grace!

I didn’t get into the Casey Anthony Trial too much.  I thought it was a tragedy on many different levels, and the media circus just turned me off.  I cared, but there are hundred of children who are killed, molested, etc. everyday and no one is putting their stories on the cover of magazines, or dedicating whole broadcasts to their memory.  American Hypocrisy…we’re all guilty.

Anyway.  Every child is precious.  That’s my point.

Now…on the Casey Anthony Trial, I have these points;

  • Casey Anthony Defense Attorney Flips Off Media Following Verdict – BWAHAHAHAH!  Too funny.
  • If you say the defendant was a party girl, then you must have proof that will stand up against a whole gang of witnesses who say she was a good mother.  You have to have proof.  Remember.  Law school and all.  Sigh…
  • I believe the allegations of sexual molestation against George Anthony.  I think the grandfather may have been touching Caylee.  Don’t be fooled by old age and a suit people.  I think some sick shit was going on that family.  Casey needs some help.  Remember victims are more prone to stay victims.  Also, you never know what a woman will do to protect her child.  Some slave women would rather kill their children than let them be taken.  You think a woman who’d been molested and was mentally disturbed wouldn’t consider taking her child’s life instead of seeing her be abused?
  • Why didn’t the prosecutor go for manslaughter in the first place?
  • Why was the prosecutor laughing during the closing arguments?  I KNOW that didn’t help his case in the eyes of the jury.
  • Who paid for Casey Anthony’s defense?  I know old boy was expensive.
  • Did prosecutor Ashton think he was going to make a name for himself with this case?  You know the answer is yes.
  • Oh, I was cracking up when the judge called the guy up to the front who flipped bird.  That was funny.
  • Why are people even wondering what would have happened if she was black?  This is not the O.J. Trail, people!  There have been a lot of public cases of white women killing their kids.  Some go to jail, some have gotten off on mental illness.  This is not new.  There is racism in America, and we know this.  Thank goodness we didn’t have to witness a black family in this particular drama.
  • I think Nancy Grace has reached a new level of bitch-assed-ness?  She is just a pundit for profit, in my opinion.  I really don’t think she genuinely cares.  Think of all the people she really could help.  Nope, just a TV personality.  I don’t know why people expect her to be on the level of a real lawyer who is practicing the law.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that.  What do you guys think?


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7 Responses to Thoughts on the Casey Anthony Trail aka. Sit Down, Nancy Grace!

  1. Like you I did not really follow this case. The whole thing was a complete circus. One thing that I did see that irritated me was the stupid people who had nothing to do with the case fighting each other to get a seat in the courtroom. I really don’t know what’s wrong with some people.

  2. I stopped minding White Folks business a long time ago…! Wake up Negroes! Turn your sights back to your own families, neighborhoods, and homeland! This Crakkka bullshit should NOT concern you!

  3. Sabrina, America makes me think of the fall of the Roman Empire a lot these days. Too focused on the gore and drama of the coliseum.

    Sharp Black Minds: “I stopped minding White Folks business a long time ago…!” That is the quote of the day.

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. BuckwheatsMomma

    Yes, we do need to pay attention to what is happening in our own communities and with our people, like the man who is HIV positive and had sex with his 6 month old baby! Or the man who had sex with his 15 year old daughter, then killed her!

    We have awful, sick behavior with our own, so no need to feel it is just white people!

  5. The selective outrage of this country is mind-bending – up is down, right is left. When I happen to plug in I feel like a paid a visit to the bizarro universe – and it don’t feel real. Check out my blog’s two cents on this case at BTW luv ur stuff, I will link ya. Ben

  6. @Sharp Black Minds: Your post is very astute and I agree wholeheartedly. The sooner we, as a people, turn our minds and hearts back to our ancient laws, culture, and homeland in general the better off we will be. The great intellectual, W.E.B. Dubois, said it best when he spoke of the ‘Double Consciousness’ of the Negro. Paraphrasing, he said, the negro constantly has two identities warring against each other. One African and one American. While he looks for a more improved version of himself he doesn`t care to lose either one of the others. He doesn`t want to Africanize America he just wants to be accepted in America. He further states that Negro is looked upon with great amusement and pity by the gate keepers of America. He further states that The Negro is born with a veil with the gift of second sight.

    In my, humble, opinion his observation is dead on!!! We, as a people, don`t aspire to be who we really are dating back to the ancient days of Kemet. (Renamed Africa by The Romans and The Greeks). It is indeed a sad state that we are in. No other group of people, be they The Hispanics, Chinese, Koreans, etc. have ever lost their cultural as has The American Negro while living in America. Perhaps I digressed a bit but I was being led by The Spirit. LOL.

    As far as this CAVALCADE of clowns is concerned this is a family with some serious issues. And Nancy Grace is a heffa whom I detest in the worst way. Talk about a ‘HYPOCRITE’!!!

    Peace, in the name of my HERO Malcolm X. R.I.P SHINING PRINCE

  7. yvonnjanae

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think you are wrong is supposing that Casey or Caylee was molested by that man.

    She is such a pathological liar that there is no way of every knowing what really happened in her life. She has no ability to tell the truth. Nor do her parents, apparently.

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