Should African Americans be More Supportive of Occupy Wall Street?

I’d like to know what my readers think about this.  Should Black People be drawn to this movement?  Should we consider Black unemployment rates and how many Blacks were affected by the housing crisis (Ponzi Scheme/Gambling in my opinion.) as motivation?  Here are a few recent takes on it.

More African Americans Encouraged to Join Occupy Movement – Washington Informer

Occupy protesters eye diversity as movement grows – Boston Globe

Occupy Wall Street Is About AfricanAmericans, Too – News One

What do you think?

Bonus Question: Is it just me or does the lack of Tea Party involvement or even a thumbs-up or two in the direction of the protesters make it seem even more as if they are the Party of the Rich and of Tax Loopholes?  Oh my bad “Job Creators”.   LOL!  Don’t you love it when people try to reclaim and rename what is and has always been.  No no, not slave owners…”Antebellum Job Creators”.  Sad.


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9 Responses to Should African Americans be More Supportive of Occupy Wall Street?

  1. deb

    I’m sure Occupy the Hood would say YES. I “met” them through this video

    and their twitter page @occupythehood.

    • Hey Deb, I’ll check out that link.

      My initial response to the name is “Isn’t that what we’re doing now? Are we going to OccupytheBurbs or something?”, but I’ll keep my sarcasm at bay until I actually read their words for my self. Thanks

  2. Good Evening. I feel it is important that anything that deals with the economy as far as unemployment, taxes and the unfair distribution of wealth should be an interest or concern to Black people. For eventually it will effect us in one way or another. It’s not often you see what’s going on on Wall street everyday. And the constant shrinking of what use to fill my pockets, is now occupied by lint. Yes we should be supportive and observent to what goes on at Wall Street. Thank you.

  3. No ~ black people should NOT participate in the Wall Street *physical* march. Why? Because we are easy targets when the cops roll in… Need I say more?

  4. debowrah yisrael

    before we jump on the bandwagon, i think we should see how this play out. let’s allow those marchers to make our point, they’ll be heard before we will anyway. save your bail money and sit back and watch what will become of this.

  5. anything that is against the 1% of the wealth holders is good with me, if I wasn’t so old I would be out there marching with them, infact I might just go down town this weekend for a while and support them.. I think the movement will help get our president more votes and possibly get him elected again, if it was me I would want that office again, give it back to the devils, he can’t get anything done with them bucking everything he does and then some of our own people acting crazy talking about him now. go figure

  6. Yes, I see this as a movement for everyone. I have seen images of lots of black people participating in the rallies. This movement being so highly publicized, I hope it encourages more black people to educate themselves on our broken system.

    P.S. The Tea Party is a complete joke.

  7. DJonez

    This so called “operation wall street” is a complete joke in my eyes. You have to be a real sucker to fall for this load of shit,about Black people need to participate in this dry ass event. What Black people need too do is watch, white folks get their ass kick for once by the police instead of us!

  8. CED

    No one should be involved in Occupy Wall Street. As a generation Y baby, I am appalled by this whole “movement.” So you went to college for 4 years and didn’t land your dream job right out of the gate. Big fluffy deal. McDonald’s is always hiring…

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