Black vs. Mormon: Which one is more likely to get the RNC Nomination?

I’m being lazy and asking you guys some questions this week. :)

So, Herman Cain.  Really?  This guy is a joke right.  The Republicans are not really going to run this guy.  To me, he’s just as bad as Michelle B., the male and African-American version.  Are their strategists thinking that if you run 2 black people you’ll split the black vote or that color will not be a factor for minority voters and the issues will take center stage?  What is the strategy?  The fact that he’s getting so much air time for that 9-9-9 Sims economic plan is amazing.  Slow news cycle, maybe?  Come on, primary season.

I don’t see a Mormon getting the nod if the Evangelical Right has anything to say about it.  Um, I was raised Baptist and if Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t thought to have the same religious beliefs, you know that Mormonism is going to be seen as a cult, basically.

So, a black guy and a white Mormon guy are at the top of the running.  Which one do you think has the best chance of getting the RNC nomination (if they both have any standing by next year)?  List some pros and cons if you have any or are conflicted with your choice.


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9 Responses to Black vs. Mormon: Which one is more likely to get the RNC Nomination?

  1. The lesser of two evils to be sure ~ at this point? It’s so ridiculous I don’t even care as much as I should. More interested in snagging a winning hand at my favorite Las Vegas casino.

    Go figure 😀

  2. Betty

    Actually, they’re all kind of scary to me, but stranger things have happened, right? I think they’re winging it from one day to the next. There is no logic! I kind of agree with Ms. Cheryl, but we really do have to care because if any of these people actually win, we should all consider moving to Canada.

  3. Betty

    Indeed-Smiling @ Sista!

  4. I do not see either of them getting nominated, but I believe that Romney has the better chance. They are using Cain to say look we are not racist. Like you I don’t see how the Christian right is going to get past the fact that Romney is a Mormon. The whole field of Republican candidates is awful. I just hope a George Bush doesn’t happen and one of them actually makes it into the White House.

  5. Betty

    Ooooooooh @ Sabrina…You had to put it out there, didn’t you? That thought was hovering around the perimeters of my brain, but I pushed it back…I mean wayyyyyyy back! If I was a Republican and I had to make a choice……..Lawdhamurcy!

  6. Tamera

    Personally, I believe Cain has a snowball’s chance you-know-where of becoming the GOP candidate. I heard a newscast recently that pinned Romney as “looking” the most presidential and that may be the bottom line determination of some simple minded voters who will go to any desperate measure to get that Black man out of the WhiteHouse. I believe many will override their faith (many being the same simpletons who questioned Obama’s) to maintain the presidential status quo and Romney will represent the GOP. But, I have EVERY faith Obama will get a second term.

  7. C

    Well no more Cain. My white guys at work (I live in the south) are totally bummed that they have to get rid of their “Crackers for Cain” and Honkeys for Herman” signs. :)

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