Missy Ann Coulter Allegedly Owns Slaves

I’m not surprised that Ann Coulter said “our blacks are so much better than their blacks” when she  appeared on Sean Hannity’s show on Monday (video below).  I’m not shocked by the uproar that has ensued.    She didn’t back down from her comments when HLN’s Joy Behar asked her about it on Tuesday. I’m not shocked by that either.  Ann Coulter is a straight up, tell you to your face BIGOT.  She’s been that way for years.  She’s been saying the same type of racist garbage for years.  The shock is that..

A. People are shocked by her most recent comments in light of what she’s said in the past.

B. Networks like Fox and HLN still give this bigot a podium.

When I heard her comments from the Fox broadcast I wanted to say, “Oh, so Missy Ann is a pundit now?!?!”.  Really?  Do you own blacks, Ann?  How many Negroes do you own?  How long have you been the mistress of the plantation?


Dear African-American Republicans, You need to take off the watermelon suits and tap dancing shoes and listen to what the party really thinks about us.  Yes, US.  Don’t act like you’re special because you get to live in the house and master thinks you’re smart…for a negro.  Yes, that’s right.  Not as smart as ole masta, but smarter than those Democratic field coons.

Oh, you don’t think that is what is actually being said?  Well, then I think the Republicans surely “own” the right blacks for the job.  So many of America’s politicians are “owned” by corporations and special interests that I guess you guys would say “At least we got some Good white folks.”.

Yall betta run on.  I hear Missy Ann uh calling.


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7 Responses to Missy Ann Coulter Allegedly Owns Slaves

  1. “Our Blacks are so much better than their Blacks” I guess we should not be surprised, in 2011, to see a white woman on national television using such phrases. In 1986, a very good friend of mine and myself were smoking pot in his apartment. His wife, who’s from another country, ask if she could join us. After about a half hour or so the pot was beginning to take affect. She said to me “did you know that dark skin people in my country can only do domestic work?” “In my country only white skin, like mines, can get good paying jobs”. “the darker the skin, the stronger and better you are at cleaning and lifting”. “All my friends back home are white skinned”. During this time my friend did not say one word to his wife. As if what she was saying is the norm in their apartment. After a few more reminders of the way dark skin people are treated in her country. She looked at me with her very red eyes and said ” Your a nice guy but i never liked you!” “I don’t know why you and my husband are best friends!” I guess the blacks must think their better here than in my country!” WOW!! I remember how quiet it was after she finished speaking. It was one of those rare moments when you wish you could just snap your fingers and dissapear. That was over 25 years ago. She’s come back as Ann Coulter. Thank you.

  2. Charles

    Being a black man I agree with a lot of the sentiments on this site. I must however question the views of the writer of this piece about Ann Coulter. I was a high school drop out and formerly homeless. I was a very angry and bitter man, and had a serious hate whitey attitude. I blamed the the white man for everything wrong in my life. I did not have the confidence or self esteem back then to overcome my problems. This lead me to become a Farrakhan follower. All of that changed when I found myself homeless. I realized that hate has a more corrosive effect on the hater than the hated. I learned to face my fears and not run away from them.So when people say things that makes me uncomfortable I dont run from them and whine. I examine myself and face it and look within myself to see why did I have that initial reaction to that statement. This has lead me to become an business owner having a janitorial business. I see that obviously you have no like for Ann Coulter but speak for yourself. I agree with her statement 100%. Let me further say that our whites(conservatives) are better than their whites(liberals). White liberals use fear to appeal to the black masses. Racism though it still exits is nothing more than fear thought. Its the thinking that someone hates or dislikes you. This person will then take this hate or dislike and make your life uncomfortable. Why would I think that someone who has no like for me would have power to control my life??? THEY DONT!! When you think of someone not liking or hating you in reality your saying that you dont like yourself. I have no concern for people who dont like me! THAT IS THEIR PROBLEM NOT MINE!! I’m an great person regardless of what someone thinks of me. I love myself too much and I refuse to let someone be they white or black bog me down with their issues. Your mind power then takes hold of these thoughts and soon your circumstances and surroundings will take form to justify your fear thoughts. Whenever you operate out of fear your thoughts become the causes and the condition of your life are the effects. The majority but not all of white conservatives operate out of faith. Seeing is not believing but believing is seeing. Most white conservatives have faith that your life can be better. What you see in your mind( the mental picture) can become its physical equivalent through faith. You (meaning the author) have a lot of fear to come up with the depiction of Miss Ann (Coulter ) the slave owner. You obviously see yourself as a slave and inferior and see whites as superior. I can say this with certainty because you were the one who injected this slave theory into your story. The republican party does not think this way of blacks in my opinion. This is what you think of YOURSELF!!

    • Charles, All I can do is speak for myself. Secondly, don’t talk about love, peace, and self realization and then dog out white liberals.

      Racism is not just “fear thought”. It can be physically, politically, and economically realized.

      Faith that my life can be better? My life is great.

    • lmartinez

      well said sir

  3. yvonnjanae

    I highly doubt that Charles is really a black man. But if he is, I can only feel sorry for him. I wonder what he thinks of that? Hmmmm. If I feel sorry for him does that mean I feel sorry for myself? Yeah, ridiculous stuff like that comes from trolls.

  4. Leah Declaire

    I am a white person from the south. I grew up around racists and I meet the same every day. Too often, I hear “N’ word or code words meaning the same. I know all the code words as well as the looks and sneers that go along with them, so let’s just cut through the bullshit.

    What Ann Coulter said was “Our blacks are better than their blacks”.
    What Ann Coulter meant was “Our niggers are better than their niggers.”

    Furthermore, when Rush Limbaugh called the First Lady “uppity”, what he really meant was that she was an “uppity nigger”.

    Of course, there’s Rick Perry’s ranch. It took me two days to figure out wtf the name of that ranch was because nobody would say the “N” word on TV! Finally, Bill Maher said straight out that it was “Niggerhead”. Thank you, Bill! Now, I finally got it!

    Maybe it’s time to take the “N” word out of the closet. We all know when the code talk for the “N” word is being used. Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Rick Perry–they all know damned well what they mean. They are talking code-talk with their constituents. The rest of us-black and white-recognize the slurs. They are not fooling anybody. It’s time to confront these racists and make them fess up that the word they really mean is “nigger”. Put the shame on them!

  5. sheila

    My grandfather’s faught as colored men in the Revolutionary War, Civil War and every war after. So, I believe that I have the right to give my 2 cents on Ann Coulter.
    I agree with Ann Coulter on how certain groups do seem to elevate blacks that bow down to the Kennedy’s (Ann didn’t say this way but implied, since Obama’s father was brought to the states by the Kennedy’s). Plus the history is any black man or women who’s family has bled to build this country is held back. Ask yourself what colored person is elevated? Living in Massachusetts for 40 years before moving to Maryland I watched people like the Kennedy’s hate blacks, Native American’s unless they were groomed and weened on the donkey’s teet.

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