“Think Like a Man…”: Are you shocked at the success of this movie?

IF you are shocked at the success of “Think Like a Man“, I have one word for you.  “Boomerang“.

1992 was the year and Boomerang was THE movie.  I love that movie.  I wish they would get the band back together and make a sequel!  Someone please tell Reginald Hudlin that there is money in the air.  And tell Eddie Murphy too…his last few movies have been terrible to so-so.

Wikipedia: Released in the United States on July 1, 1992, Boomerang received mixed reviews from film critics. Nevertheless, the film was a commercial success, ranking as the 18th highest grossing film in North America that year. Boomerang earned over $131 million worldwide during its theatrical run.

There hasn’t been a black relationship movie with that kind of star power behind it in a minute.  Hallie Berry, Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens, Martin Lawrence, Eartha Kitt…wow.  If you can think of another movie with a majority black cast that can compare, please comment below.

In terms of talent, I’m comparing the 2 casts and overall star power moment in time to moment in time.  The cast of “Boomerang” went on to do a lot of great acting and many were young and full of potential at the time.  I don’t think this is a total apples to apples comparison talent and acting wise.  That being said, I can see many parallels.

The other star power involved is that of Steve Harvey.  Harvey is said to have an audience of about 6 million listeners in more than 60 markets.  With that following and Oprah’s blessing of the book this movie is based on…I’m not surprised that the movie reached #1 and made 33 million.

Sidenote: Yes, yes, I know who Tyler Perry is, but I don’t put his movies in the same category.  Not taking anything away from his success, I think of him as a phenomenal businessman who is very focused on black audiences.  I don’t think he’s trying to put out mainstream movies for mainstream success.   He’s doing what has worked for him for years, just on a huge scale due to his success.


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  1. It’s been a long time since i have seen or written anything on this very fine and interesting site called “Hello Negro”. It’s good to see your still here. Although i have not seen “Think like a man” i have seen plenty of advertising about it everywhere. But the movie “Boomerang” was also mentioned, and it made me look at my collection of movies with a large black cast. I only have a few such as “Eve’s Bayou” “The Best Man” “Boomerang” and just a few others. Due to the fact that i love science fiction, horror, and action movies with good or great sound, my selection of black films is small. I was always turned off by movies that made the cast act like clowns to get a laugh, or having us play pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers and maids. I will admit i do have some movies from the 70’s when 42nd street was like my second home. Often watching the “Black explortation films” in a theater filled with black and hispanic people smoking urb and drinking beer while watching “Super Fly” or “Pam Grier”. Now that i’m older my taste has changed and comedy is not something i always want to see. But “Boomerang” was and still is one of my favorite movies to watch. The cast is stacked with well know actors and actresses. So is “Eve’s Bayou” and “The Best Man”. It’s good to hear that “Think like a man” is doing well. It’s also good to see this forum once again. Please continue providing an interesting place for people who like to express their point of view on things that matter. It’s good hearing from you Sister.

  2. lilkunta

    Quote: There hasn’t been a black relationship movie with that kind of star power behind it in a minute.

    Really? You forgot Waiting To Exhale? Love & Basketball? The Wood? The Best Man?

    I do not like Steve Harvey. I feel he is a GIANT hypocrite. He wasn’t funny in “Kings Of Comedy” movie. His 90s show was buffonish, not funny. those teens ‘bullethead/romeo’ still make me crings. For some reason it was the thing for comics to get tv shows, then movies, then radio shows. IMO only MARTIN and BERNIE MAC were successful with their tv shows. Monique had a radio show and it was cancelled. Very gald as her voice is annoying.

    Anyways, I feel the movie did well not just bc of his radio listeners but also because unfortunately the MIGHTY OPRAH endorsed that ish. I was already disappointed in O and when she had Steve on I just added that to the list of why I can not follow the O religion.

    • LIL Kunta, I’m sorry, but I don’t agree. None of those movies are equal to Boomerang to me. Especially not the last 3 you note.
      Waiting to Exhale is close, but I think Boomerang had a much more balanced story line. It wasn’t at “chick flick”.

      I agree with the hypocrite title, but more so because of his failed relationships and lack of real credentials. EH…my opinion.

      • lilkunta

        sista, i havent seen boomerang in a while so perhaps i need to re watch it. You dont feel their is balance in l&b , wood , best man ? please explain the balance in Boomerang.

        steve needs to stfu. his didnt marry his 1st gf(the mom of his twin daughters), cheated on and divorced mary harvey, and not his 3rd relationship current wife marjorie i’ve read is known fro being gf of drug runners

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