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Should African Americans be More Supportive of Occupy Wall Street?

I’d like to know what my readers think about this.  Should Black People be drawn to this movement?  Should we consider Black unemployment rates and how many Blacks were affected by the housing crisis (Ponzi Scheme/Gambling in my opinion.) as … Continue reading


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Overweight Women Charged Extra at Georgia Nail Salon

Sisters spend a LOT of money at nail salons. I’m not into all the designs, gel nails, silk wraps, and what have you, but I know a ton of women who are. I was amazed that a nail salon would … Continue reading


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Gentrification in DC: Can a sista find a decent beauty supply store?

I spent at least an hour yesterday trying to find a decent, open beauty supply store catering to African American women and their hair care needs in NW Washington DC. Couldn’t be found, People!! Now I know you’re saying, “Sista, … Continue reading


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Hey DC, you need to check out Founding Farmers

Founding Farmers (19th and Penn NW) is my new favorite restaurant spot here in DC. I especially love that they just opened in Sept…that way I get to scoop all my friends like “You don’t know nothing about this, huh?”  … Continue reading

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Friday Question: Recession or Depression?

Today’s question:  Are we (ie the U.S of A) in a Recession or a Depression? From good ole Wikipedia… “A recession may involve simultaneous declines in coincident measures of overall economic activity such as employment, investment, and corporate profits. Recessions … Continue reading

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Obama Monkey T-Shirts…

Now this is just wrong…or maybe just the beginning. Americans have been pretty civilized in accepting/dealing with the black democratic front-runner so far. I guess it’s about time for it to get real. Real what, you tell me… I know, … Continue reading


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Tavis Follow-up: Official Departure from Joyner Show

Tavis Smiley appeared in his regular twice-a-week slot on the Tom Joyner Morning Show yesterday and avoided any mention of the dust-up sparked by the host’s open letter questioning his reason for leaving at the end of June. He said … Continue reading

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Duh! Bob Johnson saying things we already know about Obama

FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty: The billionaire founder of Black Entertainment Television says Barack Obama wouldn’t be his party’s leading presidential candidate if he was white. Hillary Clinton supporter Bob Johnson has revived comments previously made by Geraldine Ferraro, telling The … Continue reading


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Friday Five: Your Five Favorite Soul Food dishes

Nothing is more a part of our history than our meals.  Soul Food helped us to survive on scraps, feed us at churches before we marched for civil rights, and helped us build businesses.  I has also taken some lives…gotta … Continue reading


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House Negro of the Month: This Guy

The African American man in this “America’s Furniture” commercial is the House Negro of the Month.  I want to say the Jiggaboo of the month…but I’m being nice. This horrible mess has run 2 years in a row around tax … Continue reading


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