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No Wedding, No Womb: Sistas, Let’s Lead the Cause

I know black women who won’t swim because they might get their perm or weave wet. I know black women who won’t let you borrow their keys or give you a place to stay for a week or two. I … Continue reading


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McCain “Suspends” campaign, does some interviews, cancels on Letterman…what about Washington, John?

John McCain called Wednesday for the first presidential debate, scheduled for Friday in Mississippi, to be delayed (to Oct 2 in St. Louis from what Politico is saying…isn’t that supposed to be the VP debate date? Crafty, John, crafty. They … Continue reading


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Bill Clinton: “I’m no racist”

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Ex-president Bill Clinton said in an interview Monday that he was not a racist, but refused to revisit his primary campaign spats with Barack Obama’s campaign until after November’s election. Clinton, who became embroiled in a string … Continue reading


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Hillary’s exit: Ungracious?

Is it just me or was Hillary’s exit completely ungracious?  What does she mean by “suspend” her campaign? Eh…she’s out.  I will try not to talk bad about her anymore and just move foward. Yes We CAN!


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What Did She Really Mean?

You know, I didn’t really know what to make of Hillary Clinton’s latest ill-advised comments. It’s been a long race and it’s easy to slip up and say something innocent, but damaging if taken the wrong way, so I didn’t … Continue reading

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She keeps going and going and going…

Cartoon: Auth (Washington Post) Stop already, LADY!!  Sigh…the band played on.

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A Willie Horton Hit on Obama? It all starts…

Below is an article from Time Magazine about a new ad that will begin airing to make it appear that Obama is weak on crime and terrorism. Back in 2001, while in the Illinois Senate, he voted against a bill … Continue reading


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Clinton: Is this the end?

NPR is asking… A “drumbeat” has started to sound in the media the past week with the speech on race by Sen. Barack Obama and with the announcement of Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Obama – “this could be the beginning … Continue reading

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Ferraro learns a lesson, lynching cartoon

Geraldine Ferraro has stepped down from her honorary post in the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and the Clintons have apologized for her comments. Tsk Tsk. This cartoon takes her “He happens to be very lucky to be who he is.” … Continue reading


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Clinton camp pushes photo of Obama in African dress, turban

Clinton’s camp knows that the average American doesn’t know if what Obama is wearing in this photo is traditional Pakistani garb or traditional African dress! They see turban, turban, turban! We know that for a lot of Americans turban = … Continue reading


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