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What does Michele Bachmann know about the African-American community?

I’m confused.  I know that all the potential Republican candidates are basically competing on the airwaves to see who can bash Obama best.  However, Michele Bachmann has tacked on some  promises to her usual President bashing in this video that … Continue reading


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No. 5: Feds to interview Jesse Jackson Jr. as Part of Blagojevich Probe

Chicago Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., is the anonymous “Senate Candidate No. 5″ whose emissaries Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich reportedly offered up to $1 million to name him to the U.S. Senate, federal law enforcement sources tell ABC News. Dag, … Continue reading

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McCain “Suspends” campaign, does some interviews, cancels on Letterman…what about Washington, John?

John McCain called Wednesday for the first presidential debate, scheduled for Friday in Mississippi, to be delayed (to Oct 2 in St. Louis from what Politico is saying…isn’t that supposed to be the VP debate date? Crafty, John, crafty. They … Continue reading


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Irony: McCain’s Congratulates Obama on the Anniversary of MLK’s speech

Um…I think this from TV ad John McCain is great (video below).  It will run tonight before and after Obama’s historic speech at the DNC.  It’s good that McCain recognizes the significance of this day, but McCain voted against the … Continue reading


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The Obama Shirt Spike Lee Was Wearing at the DNC on MSNBC Last Night: Obama Dunking on McCain

I love this shirt!!! (If you’re in Denver, you can get the shirt at THE 400) Obama for 2…no Obama for it all. He shoots he scores. In your FACE, McCAIN!!! Slam Dunk!! I’ts called the O-Face T-Shirt and I’m … Continue reading


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Possible plot to shoot Obama stopped

DENVER, Colorado (AFP) — Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama faces “no credible threat” from what had appeared to be a plot on his life, CNN reported Tuesday, citing authorities who nevertheless are pressing on with their investigation. The network … Continue reading


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Karl Rove on Barack Obama

For former Bush mastermind Karl Rove to portray Obama as a Gatsby-esque smoothie, as he did to a group of DC Republicans the other day, was a fascinating piece of race and class voodoo. “Even if you never met him,” … Continue reading


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Hillary’s exit: Ungracious?

Is it just me or was Hillary’s exit completely ungracious?  What does she mean by “suspend” her campaign? Eh…she’s out.  I will try not to talk bad about her anymore and just move foward. Yes We CAN!


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Barack might have Al in his cabinet, no not Sharpton

(CNN) — Al Gore has a spot in a potential Barack Obama administration, the Illinois senator said Wednesday.Asked at a campaign event if he’d consider Gore for his cabinet, Obama immediately said he would. ” I will make a commitment … Continue reading

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Video: Alice Walker endorses Barack Obama

“I think he’s just the right person for now,” Walker said in an interview with The Associated Press before a public reading at Emory University on Tuesday. Walker had announced her support for Obama earlier. “I think we need a … Continue reading

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