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Who knew that Rick Ross had some preacher man in him?

I will never be able to here this Rick Ross song again and not think of Pentacostal Church services. 

He said I think I’m Paul…I died laughin.  “That will preach!” as my uncle says.  Turning into a preacher later in life…I could see Ross doing that.

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Health Care Bill Passed! Hallelujah

FINAL VOTE-HR 3590: 219 Yea 212 Nay

History has been made tonight.  Health Care is a right, not a privilege.  That is something that WE the people can be proud of.  Thank you goes out to all of the Yea voting members of the House of Representatives, most notably Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Thanks also goes out to President Barack Obama.

I’m going to take it to church to celebrate this one.

And a lil funk too.


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Church Mother remixes Beyonce “Single Ladies”


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This guy is REALLY singing the Brady Bunch theme

Good Lord! Somebody say CHURCH!!! I think Craig Lewis myspace.com/craiglewisband1 would tear a church house down with that voice. That’s right…follow your dreams son. I like this a little more than the Jamie Foxx verison.


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Jeremiah Wright and the lineage of black liberation/deliverance orators

The New Yorker did an interesting (LONG) piece about how Jeremiah Wright’s style of ministry is part of a lineage of black liberation and deliverance. Here’s a lil taste. You should read the whole thing…it’s 6 pages online – http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2008/04/07

As millions of people with no particular interest in African-American religious institutions now know, Trinity is home to the Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Since March 13th, when “Good Morning America” broadcast clips of Wright at his most incendiary, he has been an unlikely political celebrity, half of an American odd couple: the fiery, noisy, sixties-influenced spiritual adviser to a Presidential candidate who is supposed to be cool, quiet, and new. Wright’s greatest hits found a home on the Internet and on cable news. There are those seven words he uttered, days after September 11th: “America’s chickens? Are coming home! To roost.” And there’s the way he rewrote a classic Irving Berlin lyric: “Not ‘God bless America.’ ‘God damn America!’ ” But by the time the scandal broke Wright was already gone. He had announced his retirement at the age of sixty-six, preaching his last sermon at Trinity on February 10th, and he kept out of sight while the controversy deepened.

On Good Friday, the church held its annual “Seven Last Words of Christ” service, featuring seven sermons from as many guest preachers. Trinity calls itself “unashamedly black and unapologetically Christian,” but the preacher who was marvelling at all those white people was himself white: Father Michael Pfleger, the leader of the Faith Community of St. Sabina, also on Chicago’s South Side, which proclaims itself to be an “African-American Catholic church.” For one of the historic African-American churches, such a proclamation would be gratuitous, but Pfleger’s church, like Wright’s, belongs to a denomination in which African-Americans are a small minority. The insistence on race is, in part, an assertion of self-determination, a declaration that no church is culturally neutral… Continue reading


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DC: Greater Mt. Calvary Homosexual Outing Emails

Oh my goodness! Where do I start? Someone sent a letter allegedly outing tons of gay church members at Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church here in DC. Tons of Gay Bloggers have been writing about it since the email were posted by the Washington Blade.

I used to attend Mt. Calvary as a student at Howard in the late 90’s (I feel old tying that) and I have a good friend who still attends. I’m sorry, but there were tons of “known homosexuals” there when I was there. I don’t know why anyone is surprised. The Black Church is many times labeled as homophobic, and there is reason for that. There should be no surprise here…homosexuality is thought of as an abomination by many Christians. But, so are a lot of things people do..out in the open…and everybody in the church knows. There are plenty of known adulterers and lairs in churches…pulpits…all over BlackChurch-dom. I haven’t heard of anyone listing those ranks.

Church is for “sinners”…that’s where church folks should want them to go, because saints are just sinners who’ve accepted Christ. No one is without sin. Now, do I think, for example, that deacons should be sleeping with deacons and having lover’s spats in the church…no. However, that wouldn’t be the most scandalous thing I’ve heard of in a congregation…straight, gay, try-sexual. Dayum…a black women will raise some hell when they can’t find a good black Christian man in the church, huh (see the email, below)???

This whole mess is just out of hand. MediaTakeOut.com and BET.com have reported on it, as well as gay-interest publications here in DC.

“The e-mail, sent in December, identifies about 45 fellow church members as gay. She sent a second e-mail to Owens on Jan. 2 identifying another 62 church members as gay.

“The following people I am asking you to monitor very closely and my prayer is that you will sit them down from their ministries,” she told Owens in the December e-mail. “Because they are ushering in the presence of sin, lies, a spirit of homosexuality and sexual spirits.”

She sent a copy of her e-mails to a Yahoo list group that goes to more than 300 church members, the gay former church member said. The gay former church member redacted all of the names from the copies of the e-mails he sent to the Blade, including the name of the choir member who orchestrated the outings.

He said Owens responded to the first e-mail by calling a meeting of all members of the church’s numerous singing groups. The groups include the Alfred Owens Chorale, the Sanctuary Choir, the Celebration Choir, Voices of Calvary and the Male Chorus, among other groups.

“He said he only wanted to help people who wanted help to not be gay and that he was willing to help anybody change from being gay,” the former church member said.

The former member quoted Owens as telling people attending the meeting, “The Bible says that wheat and tares grow together but there are too many tares. When the tares outnumber the wheat I got to do something.”

According to the former church member, Owens said, “I’m going to meet with all the people mentioned in the e-mail and use my discernment to figure out who needs to be monitored or sat down from what they do …”

“My name was not on the list in any of these e-mails, but I think it is horrible,” the former church member said. “We give, pay tithes, dues and whatever, and this is how we are treated,” he said. “This is discrimination, humiliation and just mean.” – Washington Blade

You wanna read the email don’t you??? Well…here you go (Source: Marlon B) Continue reading


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I’m a Flirt in the Church

“i dun fell” 

“Only place where Jesus blood taste like Welch’s grape”…BWHAHAHAHA!

Wipe me down, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL!!!

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Creflo, Meyers Hinn, White, Long might be doing a different type of testifying

Finally…Thank you GOD! You can’t live lavish off of Non-Profit dollars. The Government always wants their take. LOL

Senator Charles E. Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, is investigating six prominent evangelistic ministries to determine whether they have illegally used donations to finance opulent lifestyles.

Mr. Grassley said yesterday that he sent letters to the six Christian ministries on Monday requesting documents to answer a long list of questions about their compensation, housing allowances, checking and savings accounts, cars, airplanes and overseas trips. They have until Dec. 6 to respond.

These ministries are being investigated:

  • The Rev. Creflo A. Dollar Jr. and his wife, Taffi, of World Changers Church International, based in College Park, Ga., popular prosperity preachers with churches and homes in New York City and Georgia.
  • Paula and Randy White, a dynamic young couple who started Without Walls International Church and Paula White Ministries in Tampa, Fla., but who are now divorcing. Mr. Grassley wants them to document clothing expenses and any cosmetic surgery from 2004 to the present.
  • Benny Hinn of World Healing Center Church, a showy faith healer based in Grapevine, Tex., who holds large crusades around the world. Mr. Hinn is being asked how he handles cash collected on his overseas crusades and how much he spent on hotels and food for himself and his staff members during layovers on his trips from 2001 to the present.
  • Joyce Meyer, who with her husband, David, runs Joyce Meyer Ministries from Fenton, Mo., and who is popular especially with women for her no-nonsense brand of self-help. Mr. Grassley wants her to explain the “tax-exempt purpose” of purchases including a “commode with marble top” bought for $23,000 for her headquarters.
  • Bishop Eddie L. Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Ga., a megachurch in the Atlanta suburbs with an active media ministry.
  • Kenneth and Gloria Copeland of Kenneth Copeland Ministries of Newark, Tex.

The ministries, although far larger and more diversified than the average church, are classified by the Internal Revenue Service as churches and do not have to file the I.R.S. 990 forms required for other nonprofit organizations.

Mr. Grassley’s letter says that since these ministries are tax exempt, contributions to them must be used for the “tax-exempt purposes of the organizations.”

If donations were diverted for personal use, that could violate the tax code.

Source: New York Times

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Making fun of Black Churches? Is this funny?

Going to a Black Church – Rich Praytor

Oh lord, the cartwheel…that was a lil too far. Is this funny? Would it be funny if it was a black comedian? Is this a bit insensitive…especially for a christian comedian performing at a church???

Black Christians (and I know you come to this blog…especially to see the “Black Folks Fighting Outside the Church Video), so what do you guys think about this? I know that the white folks in the audience thought is was hilarious, but whether they’ve been to a black church or not…that’s questionable. I say that’s questionable, because Sunday services are the most segregated places in America (by choice). How do they even know what he’s saying rings true? OH Yeah…I forgot. We as African Americans says the same things at our comedy shows, on television, in movies…and white people see it…and they laugh. Ask Dave Chappelle and he’ll tell you that they aren’t always laughing with you, they might be laughing at you.


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I’m not trying to be racist, but Obama is black!

Andy Sullivan summed it up better than I can…

“If Obama becomes the Democratic nominee, some in the GOP will want to make an issue of his race – not merely because of racism, but because in their desire to maintain power they have a record of using every weapon to hand. They will have to tread very carefully, of course. It could backfire. So much of this will take the form of legitimate questions that nonetheless help impress upon white voters that this guy is black. You saw it with the 24-hour news cycle emphasis on his recent preaching in a black church (a pretty major non-event that accrued more interest than a serious energy speech); and you will see it in references to the congregation he has long belonged to in Chicago. Again: legitimate coverage of legitimate issues, but loaded with the racial angle. Fox News will lead the way. They already are.”

They already are will take you to a very Fox’s coverage of Obama speaking at his church, pastored by Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  I guess they want to let Rep. votes know that Obama is “really black” because he goes to a “Black Church” and worships with black folk…instead of a integrated church or better yet, a white congregation.  I mean, nothing is blacker than “Black Church”, right?  Nothing is scarier than black folks worshipping….you know they are all jumping and hollering.  Oh My!
</sarcasm>  Bwahahaha!…Fox News is a mess.

“Obama has written and spoken about being inspired by the preaching of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., and his calls to “spur social change.” The title of Obama’s second book, “The Audacity of Hope,” which essentially launched his presidential bid, was taken from a sermon by Wright.

Baptized in Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ, Obama has been an active member for two decades, regularly attending services with his family under Wright’s spiritual mentorship.

Some of Wright’s sermons, which often address themes of white supremacy and black repression, have come under scrutiny by those who interpret them as racially divisive. Such preaching, they believe, polarizes Americans rather than unites them.

“Wright’s preaching does promote a sort of racial exclusivity,” said Michael Cromartie, vice president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington.

“Statements that suggest you cannot truly understand God unless you are black or poor are exclusive.””

White supremacy…really?  I’ve heard Rev. Wright many, many times over the years, as he comes to Howard University at least once a year.  I think white supremacy is a very loaded word, and using is…divisive.  How is it racially divisive to talk about blacks being oppressed and whites having an unfair advantage based on institutionalized racism in America.  Sounds like truth to me, and preachers are supposed to preach the truth.  Oh, I guess you’re just not supposed to talk about racism, because to do so is divisive.  If that is true, Fox shouldn’t have reported on this story in this manner.

The comment by Michael Cromartie is just sad.  What educated person would assert that you must be black and poor to understand God.  Come on!!!  That’s just dumb.  Mr. Cromartie, what sermon did you listen to where that was espoused?

I’m sure they know that Rev. Wright preaches on more than just race…God and Jesus perhaps.

Wait a sec.  No, I guess not.  This is Fox News, what was I thinking.  They just tell the stories the way they want, they way they want, for a “specific” audience.

See, you can elude to race without noting race.  It’s easy.

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