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Was Bill Clinton at Your Church this Sunday?

Clinton laughs with Pastor Noel Jones, left, and Ambassador Sidney Williams at the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California Sunday. (Photo Credit: AP)

For some reason I just knew this photo would have one of the “major” black pastors of the day in it. Sitting with the money changers? Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, huh? lol

Bill Clinton embarked on a pre-Super Tuesday tour of African American churches in Southern California Sunday, in what some involved in the organizing claim is intended to let the former president speak directly to African American voters after the controversy that erupted over his remarks in South Carolina.

“This is a wonderful, wonderful election for America. We ought to be able to have a few disagreements without discord,” he told an audience of African American parishioners during his first stop at the City of Refuge Church in Los Angeles. The Clinton campaign says the tour is part of a larger effort to reach out to all California communities.

At his first stop, the former president never directly addressed his remarks in South Carolina, but he appealed to the audience for understanding.

“I’m not against anybody. I’ve never been more proud to be part the Democratic Party in my life,” he said. “I get why this is a hard election. I waited my whole life to vote for an African American for president. I waited my whole life to vote for a woman for president. And sometimes I look up at sky and say God you’re playing with my mind again.”

Clinton was introduced by California Rep. Maxine Waters, an influential member of the Congressional Black Caucus, who directly addressed the tension between supporters of the two candidates: “Let us not turn on each other. Let us not look at each other cross eyed. Let us not start hating each other,” she said. – CNN.com

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Creflo Dollar refusing to comply with Congressional inquires?

EVERYBODY has to pay the government.  As a former member of a name it and claim it, money mongering church…I know that the federal government must be able to smell the many cash cow churches that are ripe for a tax shakedown milking.  I hope they take these pastors for broke if they have not been giving Uncle Sam his just due.  God knows there is an awful lot of money being given to these churches in the name of God.  Someone should be holding them accountable…why not Congress.  If you are not using the church’s money to feed the poor, spread the gospel, etc…what are you doing with it.  If you are doing the Lord’s work…for real…why would it matter who sees your books.  Rolls Royce for the Lord…yeah right!  There needs to be a separation between church and “estate”, if you know what I mean!!!

From BET.com – Televangelist Creflo Dollar, who, under pressure from a leading U.S. senator, acknowledged that his Atlanta-based mega-church raked in a cool $69 million last year, is refusing to submit to any more congressional inquiries into his church’s finances without a subpoena from the IRS.

Dollar, pastor of World Changers Church International in College Park, Ga., is one of six TV preachers who were asked by Sen. Charles Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, to submit full financial documents, showing salaries, luxury purchases, and even gifts to other preachers and the individuals who comprise their boards.  The churches, whose pastors preach that God wants Christians to be wealthy, include Bishop Eddie Long, the only other African-American being probed and the leader of a huge church and ministry in Lithonia, Ga. Continue reading


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T.D. Jakes Challenges Black Churches to End Silence on AIDS

Nationally renowned pastor, Bishop T.D. Jakes, in a strongly worded commentary written exclusively for the Black Press of America, appealed to black churches around the nation to join a unified strategy to deal with the pandemic of HIV/AIDS in the black community.

“We are on the roof again,” stated the pastor of more than 30,000 at the Potter’s House in Dallas, recalling the long wait of African Americans to be rescued during Hurricane Katrina. In that crisis, blacks largely had to save each other and themselves as many died.

Jakes called for black churches to join with other caring organizations to force the federal government to release tax money to help end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in which blacks are dying at least seven times faster than whites.

“I realize that as Sen. [Hillary] Clinton stated, if this were killing whites in the way it is killing blacks, it wouldn’t be their pastors who would have to take on such a daunting task and it would not be tithe money but tax money that would be used for resource.” Continue reading


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