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“Think Like a Man…”: Are you shocked at the success of this movie?

IF you are shocked at the success of “Think Like a Man“, I have one word for you.  “Boomerang“. 1992 was the year and Boomerang was THE movie.  I love that movie.  I wish they would get the band back … Continue reading


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“The Help”: Is it just me or…

…are black people not feeling this movie trailer?  I’ve witnessed a very conflicted reaction to the trailer of the new movie “The Help” recently, in a movie theater that was filled with black folk.  Conflicted is the best way I … Continue reading


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Sex and the City 2: Black Don’t Crack

Black actresses need to thank God that “Black Don’t Crack”.  Apparently HD brings out every little flaw. I saw “Sex and the City 2″ Thursday and I’m telling you, HD film is NOT forgiving!  Not at all.  All of the … Continue reading


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The Wedding Proprosal, hope and single black women

“The Wedding Proposal is a personal documentary where the filmmaker takes stock of her life style and romantic choices during the year of her 35th birthday. The film examines the institution of marriage, opinions and attitudes about marriage and marriage … Continue reading


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Friday Question: Are we back to Amos and Andy?

The question for today is… Are we excepting Step n’ Fetchit, Amos and Andy, big eyed, slack jawed, caricatures of black men from movies and television Willingly? Think about Mr. Brown from Meet the Browns and Flavor Flav before answering. … Continue reading


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Watch It: Goodbye Uncle Tom

This movie may be quite simply the most shocking, screamingly offensive blaxploitation movie of all time!!! is an unabashedly incendiary look at race relations in America during the early seventies that’s guaranteed to leave your jaw on the floor. This … Continue reading


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The “Magic Negro”

Reading an article about “Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?” I learned a new term…”Magic Negro”. What Perry does is depict black Americans as people relating to other people – not as mere plot devices, and not as characters … Continue reading


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American Gangster: Finally Cuba Gooding Jr. in a good movie

I could give you the typical rundown about how good I thought American Gangster was.  I could tell you all about my favorite parts, and how GOOD Denzel and the other black actors (especially Chiwetel Ejiofor and Common) looked…dayum good.  … Continue reading


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Video: What if the South Had Won?

“An audacious, frighteningly resonant faux documentary, CSA: The Confederate States of America asks what American culture would look like if the South had won the Civil War. Venturing a glimpse at such a world, it stimulates the experience of watching … Continue reading


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