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Missy Ann Coulter Allegedly Owns Slaves

I’m not surprised that Ann Coulter said “our blacks are so much better than their blacks” when she  appeared on Sean Hannity’s show on Monday (video below).  I’m not shocked by the uproar that has ensued.    She didn’t back … Continue reading


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Have some N-word with your coffee: Drunken Negro Face” on sale at Greenwich Village Bakery

Hello, Negro was introduced to Drunken Negro…Face Cookies that is…today. Oh my god, my question is “Who are the racist, blind people who were buying all of these cookies and cakes? I mean…they are guilty of “insensitivity” at the least.  … Continue reading


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Will there be drama?: Obama on The O’Reilly Factor tonight

Weigh in: Will some drama go down tonight on The O’Reilly Factor when Bill welcomes Barack Obama to the show, or will it be a civil exchange? Will the truce stand or will Bill try to treat Obama like Ludacris? … Continue reading


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“Hannity’s Pal Urges White People To Voice Racist Thoughts”

I love News Hounds tag line, “We watch Fox so you don’t have to”. Brilliant. I don’t watch Fox News, but I love to hear about the stupid, racist, sexist things they allow to be broadcast. Mess! Anyway…News Hounds posted … Continue reading

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FYI: I can’t believe that FOX aired this!?!?!

Very much out of step with what I would expect to hear on FOX.


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Obama: Racist Fox News footage…like I’m suprised

Damn…he compared Obama to Mammy!  Lord…get those Toms off the air.


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I’m not trying to be racist, but Obama is black!

Andy Sullivan summed it up better than I can… “If Obama becomes the Democratic nominee, some in the GOP will want to make an issue of his race – not merely because of racism, but because in their desire to … Continue reading

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