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Video: Whitney Houston & Kim Burrell SANG At BET’s Celebration Of Gospel Read more: Whitney Houston & Kim Burrell Perform At BET’s Celebration Of Gospel

I’m LOVING this!  Oh, I feel like an old church mother on the front pew of the church house. 

Whitney is not back to her old vocal stylings, BUT this is the best I’ve heard her sing in YEARS!  Leave it to Kim Burrell to help a sista out.

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Is it just me or is Sunday Best a lil different this season?

I watched “Sunday Best” on BET last night.  I have to say, the tone of the show is much more “holy roller-ish” than last year when DC’s own Y’Anna Crawley won.  I must say off top, I’m calling Leandria Johnson for the win this season.  The girl is Legendary.  Her singing is effortless and she’s humble about it.  That’s a combination for gospel greatness.

Any who…

Last year the girls from Mary Mary and BeBe Winans were giving the singers real industry critique.  They did not shy away from telling people that they sounded bad.  They didn’t sugar coat or give a “That’s ok.  Sing baby!” pity observation.  They told the truth.  As a singer (yes, yall.  I sing.) I appreciated the honesty.  The last thing you want to do is tell someone they can sing and put them out in public to be humiliated.  (…like they do on American Idol.  From what I understand, those people go through a number of tryouts before they get to the real judges.  Why would they think they have a chance in front of the cameras?  Perhaps because no one has told them the truth and they’ve moved on to the next round in the audition process.)

Well, this season the judging is much more toned down.  Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams, Tina Campbell, and Kim Burrell are some of the best singers in gospel.  They know singing, but they are not coming with fierce critiques this season.  There is a whole lot of classic African American church dialect, phrases, and praises being tossed around.  I think the old rule of “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.” is in full effect.  As I watched last night I really wished that the advice and direction that was given last year, given in love, was there as well as the admonishment and praises.  I really that judges are sharing the harsh realities of the music industry with these singers behind the scenes.

They must have gotten some letters from the saints saying that they weren’t being nice.  Perhaps people felt that since it’s a gospel show is should be more about the spirit of God and giving praises than singing ability and performance on stage.  What do you think?

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“The Grammys” was like a Black Family Reunion

Aretha Franklin, Bebe Winans, the Clark Sistas, and Isreal and New Breed…they went in with the shouting music. Old school New Orleans Jazz Gospel…those old men were playing those trombones!
Kanye’s tribute to his mom (he still can’t sing). That was lovely!

That singing black boy (sorry, i don’t know this actor’s name. Someone let me know who he is.) who died in “Across the Universe” singing “Let it be”…I really felt that! That old black woman was sangin’!

Beyonce singing with Tina Turner (some one is picking up weight).

Alicia singing with Frank…and you know Frank loved him some Coloreds.

Little Richard…your flamboyant uncle who couldn’t come out because of…well we know why. Rhinestones, darling…”whooooooooooooooo hooo!”

And of Course….Amy Winehouse as the crazy light-skinned cousin/white girl that married into the family. Wait, no the Michael Jackson tribute (I don’t remember seeing it…did it happen???) covers the crazy light-skinned cousin role. Sorry, my bad. LOL

Loved it. You just know Jimmy Jam as Chairman of the Academy had a lot to do with all of those African American faces, ya dig! Better than past years. I think this was a good 50th celebration. Can’t wait to see all of the blog reviews and youtube clips to come.

Oh, since Herbie Hancock beat Amy Winehouse…this was an authentic Grammy celebration!

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