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What does Michele Bachmann know about the African-American community?

I’m confused.  I know that all the potential Republican candidates are basically competing on the airwaves to see who can bash Obama best.  However, Michele Bachmann has tacked on some  promises to her usual President bashing in this video that I’m don’t think she intends to keep.

“This president has failed the Hispanic community. He has failed the African-American community,” she said. “He has failed us all when it comes to jobs.” Um, just because your intern looked up some statistics online, does mean you understand the impact of joblessness in minority communities.

  • Is this how she appeals to Blacks and Latinos?  I guess we’re dumb enough to just believe numbers and not consider the context of our lives or who’s talking, huh?
  • Does she really, really intend to be a jobs champion for Blacks and Latinos?
  • Is equality and job creation in minority communities what the Tea Party has been fighting for all this time?  If so (you know that’s not so) that message has not been clear at all.

I’m very confused.   Is she running for President of the USA or President of the NAACP?  Is she trying to present at the next Alma Awards?  Please!!  People will say anything to get a vote.


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Prankster who threatened to put poison in baby food on YouTube caught

Anton Dunn, who is black btw, was arrested yesterday after a video he posted a video on YouTube in which claimed he poisoned bottles of Gerber baby food because he wanted to kill Hispanic and black babies. It caught the attention of Manhattan prosecutors. He posted at least three videos of himself in which he boasted about the poisonings and bragged about the fact he couldn’t be caught. Guess he was wrong. He faces charges of sending threats in interstate commerce and falsely claiming to have tampered with a consumer product. Those crimes could earn him 10 years in prison upon conviction. So far, Gerber and the Food and Drug Administration have found no evidence of tampering with the baby food.

Dunn is the same guy who previously claimed to have infected 12,000 girls with HIV, because he wanted to teach black and Hispanic women aged 15-30 about safe sex.

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Have You Seen This Black Child?

From Ad Age – Campaign Makes Issue of Media Bias in Abduction Cases

It’s almost a punch line these days. Some attractive teenage white girl goes missing or dead and we’re guaranteed to hear about it for weeks or months or in perpetuity. It makes for a great SNL skit.

What would make for a better one — but in a funny-sad rather than a funny-ha-ha way — is Nancy Grace or Greta van Susteren worrying their fake blonde locks over the disappearance of a non-white child.

Of course, the reality is that never happens. And the reality is, while the talking TV heads’ story selection is even less diverse than the halls of a mainstream ad agency, there are people out there working to find missing Black and Hispanic kids.

Hadji Williams, author of Knock the Hustle, sent over some posters he created for a group trying to bring attention to missing minority children. They come in two flavors.

One set features a profile of a “composite” white kid “last seen on” CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. (I think it might hurt the effort that the photo is of a real missing person).

The other set features missing minority kids — probably last seen at the spot they were abducted and maybe in a local newspaper or two. The cases are so similar to the mainstream cases that get all the media attention, one starts to wonder … Nah, let’s not finish that thought.

The “We Want Our Kids Back, Too” effort, said Williams, sprung out of the passion of sites such as BlackandMissing.blogspot.com and similar sites.

The effort lives online only for the moment, on the various blogs and through direct e-mail outreach. If funding and publicity start coming in, there’s a possibility they’ll branch out into print and TV. Williams said they’ll break Webisodes later in the year.

And, he adds, “No word from Greta Van Susteren or Nancy Grace. They’re both busy trying to crack the Drew Peterson case.”


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Divine Nine: Obama wins in Wisconsin

The Associated Press is reporting that Obama rolled past a desperate Hillary Clinton in the Wisconsin primary tonight, gaining the upper hand in a Democratic presidential race.

It was Obama’s ninth straight victory over the past three weeks, and left the former first lady in desperate need of a comeback in a race she long commanded as front-runner. He cut deeply into Clinton’s political bedrock in Wisconsin, splitting the support of white women in Wisconsin almost evenly with the former first lady and running well among working class voters in the blue collar battleground, according to polling place interviews. The economy and trade were key issues in the race, and seven in 10 voters said international trade has resulted in lost jobs in Wisconsin. Fewer than one in five said trade has created more jobs than it has lost.

Maybe Hillary should have focused more on all the votes instead of just trying to pimp Hispanic votes in Texas. Yes, yes…I know that’s harsh, but I’m tired this evening. Forgive me.

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Hispanic voters could learn a lot from Black voters

It seems that both Reps and Dems are targeting the Hispanic vote, especially in Texas.  The past has taught me that this kind of attention comes with strings and neglected promises.  African Americans have experienced let downs by Democrats and Republicans alike when it comes to candidates coming to our communities and pledging to represent us. Some great examples can be found in Randall Kennedy’s book “Nigger: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word” which traces the use of the epithet and notes its use by Presidents Truman, Johnson and Nixon. There have been ups and downs, but in the end allegiance to one party is not the key to any race’s advancement in America.

Nationalblackrepublicans.com says…

It should come as no surprise that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. In that era, almost all black Americans were Republicans. Why? From its founding in 1854 as the anti-slavery party until today, the Republican Party has championed freedom and civil rights for blacks. And as one pundit so succinctly stated, the Democrat Party is as it always has been, the party of the four S’s: Slavery, Secession, Segregation and now Socialism.

Because of recent scandals involving Strom Thurmond, people are familar with the term Dixiecrats. There is more than enough evidence that there were Democrats who fought against the movement of African Americans having equal civil rights and civil liberties. This is quite clear.

When it comes to Republicans, I thank their forefathers for their role in the emancipation of my ancestors, however their hands are dirty as well. In the year 2008, the Republican party is far from “preferred” status in the African American community. The Regan Years had a lot to do with that. Who can forget the Jesse Helms “White Hands” ad that focused on racial quotas.

One should also note the “Southern Strategy” used by Richard Nixon. Continue reading

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Cancer gene found in minorities

As if minorities don’t need another “issue”, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that a genetic mutation known to increase the odds of breast cancer in some Jewish women has been found in significant numbers of Hispanic and African-American breast cancer patients as well, underscoring the need for genetic testing across ethnic lines to determine who is at risk.

A large multiracial study released Wednesday estimated that 3.5 percent of Hispanic women with breast cancer have a mutation in the BRCA1 gene. That compares with 8.3 percent of female Ashkenazi Jews (those of Eastern European ancestry), 2.2 percent of other non-Hispanic whites and 0.5 percent of Asian-Americans.

The prevalence of the gene in black women with breast cancer was estimated at 1.3 percent, but among those who are diagnosed before they are 35, a startling 16.7 percent have the mutation.

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Multilingual poll of Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans uncovers serious tensions

New American Media/Washington, DC – The first multilingual poll of Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans has uncovered serious tensions among these ethnic groups, including mistrust and significant stereotyping, but a majority of each group also said they should put aside differences and work together to better their communities.The poll, which was release during a news conference at the National Press Club, was sponsored by New America Media (NAM) and nine ethnic media outlets who are founding members of the organization.

“This extraordinary poll reveals some unflattering realities that exist in America today,” said Sandy Close, Executive Editor and Director of NAM, the nation’s first and largest collaboration of ethnic news media. “The sponsors of the poll strongly believe the best way to move forward is by identifying the problems and initiating a dialogue that can bring ethnic groups closer together in their fight for equality and against discrimination.”

Broadly, the poll of 1,105 African-American, Asian-American and Hispanic adults found that the predominantly immigrant populations – Hispanics and Asians – expressed far greater optimism about their lives in America, concluding that hard work is rewarded in this society. By contrast, more than 60% of the African Americans polled do not believe the American Dream works for them. Blacks also described themselves as “more segregated from the rest of America than the other groups.”

The poll found that friction between ethnic and racial groups, which at times has erupted into highly-publicized incidents around the country, is clearly rooted in the mistrust that the groups harbor towards each other, as well as the sentiment that other groups are mistreating them or are detrimental to their own future. Continue reading

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Latinos and Blacks: The Newest Face of Hate Crime in America

LA Daily News | The much-publicized crackdown on a Latino gang that unleashed a three-year campaign to drive blacks out of a mixed neighborhood in South Los Angeles has ripped open a dirty and very painful secret: Latinos and blacks can and do commit hate crimes against each other. And the violence can be just as deadly as the worst Southern Klan, Aryan Nation or Skinhead attacks.

Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles say Latino gang members committed or are suspected of complicity in 20 killings during its reign of terror in the area. The arrests and indictment of the gang members came barely two months after the slaying of three black students in Newark, N.J., by illegal Latino immigrants, some with alleged gang ties.

But two years before the Newark killings, Latino men were robbed, beaten and even murdered in Plainfield, N.J., Jacksonville, Fla., and Annapolis, Md. And seven members of a Latino family were murdered in Indianapolis. The attackers in all cases were young black males. The men attacked were mostly undocumented workers, and police speculate that the attackers regarded them as easy prey for robbery since they would be reluctant to report the attacks to the police. Continue reading


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