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What does Michele Bachmann know about the African-American community?

I’m confused.  I know that all the potential Republican candidates are basically competing on the airwaves to see who can bash Obama best.  However, Michele Bachmann has tacked on some  promises to her usual President bashing in this video that I’m don’t think she intends to keep.

“This president has failed the Hispanic community. He has failed the African-American community,” she said. “He has failed us all when it comes to jobs.” Um, just because your intern looked up some statistics online, does mean you understand the impact of joblessness in minority communities.

  • Is this how she appeals to Blacks and Latinos?  I guess we’re dumb enough to just believe numbers and not consider the context of our lives or who’s talking, huh?
  • Does she really, really intend to be a jobs champion for Blacks and Latinos?
  • Is equality and job creation in minority communities what the Tea Party has been fighting for all this time?  If so (you know that’s not so) that message has not been clear at all.

I’m very confused.   Is she running for President of the USA or President of the NAACP?  Is she trying to present at the next Alma Awards?  Please!!  People will say anything to get a vote.


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Latinos and Blacks: The Newest Face of Hate Crime in America

LA Daily News | The much-publicized crackdown on a Latino gang that unleashed a three-year campaign to drive blacks out of a mixed neighborhood in South Los Angeles has ripped open a dirty and very painful secret: Latinos and blacks can and do commit hate crimes against each other. And the violence can be just as deadly as the worst Southern Klan, Aryan Nation or Skinhead attacks.

Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles say Latino gang members committed or are suspected of complicity in 20 killings during its reign of terror in the area. The arrests and indictment of the gang members came barely two months after the slaying of three black students in Newark, N.J., by illegal Latino immigrants, some with alleged gang ties.

But two years before the Newark killings, Latino men were robbed, beaten and even murdered in Plainfield, N.J., Jacksonville, Fla., and Annapolis, Md. And seven members of a Latino family were murdered in Indianapolis. The attackers in all cases were young black males. The men attacked were mostly undocumented workers, and police speculate that the attackers regarded them as easy prey for robbery since they would be reluctant to report the attacks to the police. Continue reading


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Black, Latino teens charged in attack on 2 whites

Five youths have been charged in a Howard Beach assault in which a group of black and Hispanic teens attacked two white teens, police say, an assault that may have been racially motivated.

New York | Anti-white slurs were yelled at the victims, police sources said, and the Hate Crime Task Force will determine if bias was the motive. A bat and a hammer were recovered by police.

The five were charged with gang assault, criminal mischief and resisting arrest, police said. They were part of a group of six 16-year-olds and two 15-year-olds.

According to police, the Halloween night attack outside a McDonald’s on Cross Bay Boulevard was triggered by a confrontation minutes earlier in which a white teen threw an egg at the suspects.

The victims were chased into the McDonald’s. Workers forced everyone outside and the victims were attacked, police said.

Source: NewsDay.com

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