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“The Help”: Is it just me or…

…are black people not feeling this movie trailer?  I’ve witnessed a very conflicted reaction to the trailer of the new movie “The Help” recently, in a movie theater that was filled with black folk.  Conflicted is the best way I … Continue reading


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Sue the Bastard, Shirley: Libel and Shirley Sherrod

Sometimes bloggers forget that we have to consider the same laws and rules of the land that everyone else does.  It’s one thing to switch some video footage around to create a funny mashup or to edit audio to make … Continue reading

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NAACP: Don’t Just Criticize, Become a Member and Effect Change from Within

I just have to give my 2 cents on the Wells Fargo, NAACP, and Boyce Watkins drama.  I’ve listened to all the points given.  I think there are a lot of valid points on both sides.  However, the thing that … Continue reading


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Jena Six fund could go to the White Student who was beat up

Great Article from The Shreveport Times It could be the Barker family, not the families of the Jena Six, who receive the money from Jena Six Defense Fund. Pineville attorney Henry Lemoine Jr., representing Justin Barker and his family, said … Continue reading


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Man accuses University of Washington of Discrimination

Two years ago, George Prue sought a temporary job as an administrative coordinator at the University of Washington, a position he thought matched his graduate education and work experience. What happened next, the 55-year-old, African-American man said in a federal … Continue reading

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