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Secret Service Looking Into Threats to Obama Voiced at Palin Rallies

From Fishbowl LA – Now before you go comparing John McCain/Sarah Palin rallies where there have been four separate incidents of people in the crowd screaming things like ‘terrorist’, ‘kill him’ and ‘treason’ – before you go comparing those to … Continue reading


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Man indited over nooses hanging from his truck at Jena march

The Louisiana resident, 18, faces federal hate-crime, conspiracy charges for allegedly displaying hangman’s nooses from the back of a pickup truck during a civil rights march last year in Jena, Louisiana.  As you will recall , thousands of marchers were … Continue reading

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Noose found on door of African American professor at Columbia

The noose still has lasting significance in the African American community. There are some people out there that are very aware of that. Here is another NOOSE story…this time in the NYC! photo: cnn.com NEW YORK (CNN) — A rally … Continue reading

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