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Scott Sisters: I don’t like Haley Barbour, However…

…he gets 2 1/2 cool points for pardoning the Scott Sisters. He still reminds me of Boss Hog from Dukes of Hazard a little to much for me to even jokingly be comfortable with him as a viable candidate for President.  When I hear him talk I fully expect to be sprayed with a firehose, knocking the “Ain’t I A Man” poster out of my hands.  He sounds racist…like people say “You sound ghetto”, so don’t act like I’m being harsh.  I don’t think I’m being racist.  At a minimum, I am judging him due to his accent and the region he represents.

There is southern and then there is Mississippi.  When I heard about the Scott Sister’s story, my soul said that the place of my mother’s people has not changed much since it’s bloody days of lynching, murder, overt racism and “putting negroes in their place”.  Here’s a synopisis of their story from the NAACP’s Letter of Petition to Barbour:

Jamie and Gladys Scott – the “Scott Sisters” – have been incarcerated in Mississippi for the last 16 years for an armed robbery which, according to court testimony, yielded $11. They have consistently denied involvement in the crime. Although neither of the Scott Sisters had a prior criminal record, they were each sentenced to an extraordinary double life sentence.

The presiding judge in their trial, Judge Marcus Gordon, has a history of racially biased rulings, including granting bail to the KKK murderer of the three civil rights workers: Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner.

Furthermore, Jamie Scott now has lost renal function in one of her kidneys and cannot survive without a transplant. She has suffered repeated infections and been hospitalized due to unsanitary prison conditions. The Department of Corrections will not allow tests for kidney compatibility even though numerous volunteers have come forward.

Also, at the time of their arrest, Jamie was 22 years old and Gladys was 19 years old and pregnant. Two African-American youth, who admitted taking the money, stated at the Scott Sisters’ trial that they falsely implicated the sisters in order to receive a reduced sentence.  From what I read, the youth did end up in jail, but only served about 3 years.

NPR reported that Republican Gov. Haley Barbour decided in December to release them. “One condition: That 35-year-old Gladys follow through on her offer to donate a kidney (provided that doctors say it’s safe for her to do so) to 38-year-old Jamie, who needs regular dialysis…”  Um…there is always a catch, huh.  How about you just let them go because the evidence and sentence are shady and let them handle their family business without any intrusion??

Anyway…I just wanted to give my 2 cents on ole Haley since the 2012 election predictions and in full swing and people are wondering if he will run.  It took TOOO long for these women to receive justice.  However, I’m glad that Gov. Barbour saw the light and released them.  That being said, I agree with Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

Writing in the Huffington Post, Daily Voice columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson suggested the action was being taken, in part, because “Barbour sniffs the presidency,” a sentiment echoed by some others. “The governor of Mississippi did this for political reasons,” the sisters’ mother, Eveyln Rasco, told WAPT TV in Jackson. “He did it because I heard he was running for president,” she said. “I don’t think he did it because he opened his heart to do it.” – Daily Voice

I guess he’ll have a defense for accusations of racism on the campaign trail, huh?


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Obama wins Mississippi, Good Ole Boys turn over in their graves

Barack Obama is victorious in Mississippi‘s Democratic primary today. It’s a great way to go into next month’s high-stakes race with Hillary in Pennsylvania.

Obama was winning roughly 90 percent of the black vote but only about one-quarter of the white vote, extending a pattern that carried him to victory in earlier primaries in South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana.

Obama picked up at least six Mississippi delegates to the Democratic National Convention, with 27 more to be awarded. He hoped for a win sizable enough to erase most if not all of Clinton’s 11-delegate gain from last week, when she won three primaries.

The Illinois senator had 1,585 delegates to 1,473 for Clinton. It takes 2,025 to win the nomination.  Obama leads Clinton among pledged delegates, 1,374-1,226 in The Associated Press count, while the former first lady has an advantage among superdelegates, 247-211. – Yahoo News

Associated Press is reporting that “whites largely shunned Barack Obama…as the Deep South showed once again its reluctance to embrace him across racial lines.”  I say to that  “Surprise, Surprise” in my best Alfalfa voice.  It’s a very interesting article…read it.


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You know, I don’t even see him as black

“And a few weeks ago, voters in a county that is more than 96 percent white chose a genial black man, James Fields, to represent them in the State House of Representatives. It is a historic first, but the moment is full of human awkwardness.“Really, I never realize he’s black,” said a woman in a restaurant, smiling.

“He’s black?” asked Lou Bradford, a Cullman police officer, jokingly.

“You know, I don’t even see him as black,” said another of Mr. Fields’s new constituents, Perry Ray, the mayor of one of the county’s villages, Dodge City.

A woman congratulates Mr. Fields as he stops in traffic, and afterward, he shakes his head ruefully: “Sometimes, I have to pinch myself: ‘Am I really black?’ ”

Yet in a state once synonymous with racial strife, there is no denying this milestone, for all its tentativeness. Everyone — the voter in Cullman, the Alabama politician, the local historian — is rubbing his or her eyes, a little.

“It strikes me as a real watershed event,” said Samuel L. Webb, a historian at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.” – Click here for the rest of this article from the New York Times.

Sometimes when I read stuff like this I wonder if this is really the year 2008.  So, it’s amazing and shocking to have a black person as your representative to the State House, even if you voted for him?  It’s a pure novelty.  Oh Dixie!

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House Negro Alert: Black Man flies the Confederate Flag

He says he started the trip five years ago and has visited 77 cities so far on the trip. He walks 20 miles a day, six days a week.H.K. Edgertol carried a Confederate flag through downtown Shreveport Thursday. It was one more stop for Edgertol – who is black – on a trip to support what many consider a racist symbol. Edgertol is walking across the South from North Carolina to Austin, Texas. Edgertol said those who say the Confederate flag is racist don’t know anything about the symbol. He said many black men died under the flag, and that’s part of the reason he supports it. Before hitting Shreveport Edgertol said he stopped in Jena, which was the site of a massive civil rights rally this fall. – WDSU.com

For this man to say that “many black men died under the flag” is the supreme under statement of the year.  What about the Confederate stance on slavery?  That was quite clear.  Crystal.  Put the flag down, house negro.  If you’re going to march around with a symbol of oppression and state sponsored racism…you’re wasting your time.  Pick a new cause, it’s a new day.


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