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Things Still Untouched by Gentrification in DC

1. “The Shrimp Boat” in NE.

2. Fat Face Bar-B-Que – I see a white person or two in there from time to time, but hey that’s always been the case.  Who doesn’t love delicious soul food?

3. The Open Mic Scene on U Street – The whole sad, non-rhyming white poetry thing hasn’t over taken the “Def Poetry Jam” style of most black poetry.

4. Go-Go Music

5. Marshall Heights – I don’t care how many condos they tried to put over there.  Still Marshall Heights.

6. Minnesota Ave Metro station at night

7. Horace and Dickie’s – Until they sell fried tofu or an avocado and fish sandwich…they are untouched.  LOL

8. Safeway in Petworth – All I can say is yuck.

9. The Homelessness Problem has not improved – Shouldn’t it get better with gentrification?

10. Single Black Women complaining about not being able to find a good man – What about all these good, employed white boys walking around, sis?

This is not a comprehensive list.  So much more could be said.  Wash DC people, what would you add to this list.

Update: I stand corrected.  The Shrimp Boat IS in NE. I placed it in SE.  My bad, Yall!


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Gentrification: White where there was no White in Chocolate City.

Swirl or Twist.  That’s what most ice cream, frozen custard, or frozen yogurt places call it when your vanilla and chocolate frozen goodness is twirled together in harmony.  Yummy.

That isn’t Gentrification.  It displaces people and cultures.  Fault should not be laid on the persons staking their claim in areas previous devoid of Caucasian population.  Really, it’s just politics and finance.

I wrote about this a few years back and now TBD (ABC 7/Newschannel8) has quoted me.  I’m flattered.

“I rarely see an African American face enjoying the coffee culture,” Hello, Negro wrote shortly after the shop’s opening. “Maybe the long term residents aren’t into Rishi Tea. Maybe the crackheads hanging out in the LeDroit Park Playground across the street are too amazed at the sight of this former-corner store turned soho style coffee establishment to inquire about the fine pastries. The juxtapositioning is striking. The locals call it LeDroit, they call it ‘Bloomingdale.’”

Honestly, gentrification in Washington, DC as I’ve seen in the last 11 years has been very entertaining to watch.  From avid runners out at the crack of dawn avoiding crack heads (3 months ago, I saw this white guy jogging down Michigan Ave NE barefoot.  No lie.  Crazy.) to white women walking home from the metro late at night in neighborhoods I wouldn’t roller skate through, there is a lot to observe.  I think of it as my own little reality tv show featuring short pieces on gentrification.  We’ll at least there are grocery stores, improved metro stations, and improved housing (that most can’t afford) where there were none.


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DC Celebrates the Obama Victory

So far, this is the only clip I’ve found about the party in DC last night/this morning. The clip doesn’t really do justice to what happened out there. Yes, we were there early this morning like we didn’t have to go to work, but we HAD to be there. Obama’s win was way too big to go to bed and just be satisfied with reading about it the next day. There were fireworks, people in the streets, people beating on drums, lots of dancing with random strangers, and okay, I did a cartwheel in the middle of the street… Even the bus drivers were honking a funky beat as they drove down the streets. U Street in DC was like a parade. All I can say is that the Inauguration parties will be CRAZY…think mardi gras.


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Hey DC, you need to check out Founding Farmers

Founding Farmers (19th and Penn NW) is my new favorite restaurant spot here in DC. I especially love that they just opened in Sept…that way I get to scoop all my friends like “You don’t know nothing about this, huh?”  LOL  The food was awesome. I brought a guy friend there for his birthday yesterday and both of us are sold.  The deviled eggs with seafood in them are CRAZY good!!  Crazy!  Tuna, lobster, crab, and smoked salmon.  Yummy!   He had the chicken and waffles (which looked great and I think the menu said something regarding funnel cake batter…you know black folks love funnel cakes) with mac and cheese, and I had the Late Harvest salad (the bacon on it was delicious…that thick Amish-style bacon.  It was like half an inch think.  I’m not supposed to be eating bacon and I know a lot of yall don’t do pork…but who cares.  That bacon was the bomb!).  The mint limeade was great too.  The staff was so friendly and informative and the atmosphere/decor was nice and relaxed, but kinda upscale too.  I really loved it and I’d recommend it to friends.

Oh and most importantly…the prices are reasonable.  Oh yes, I’m not going anywhere that is going to break me during the coming depression…cough…recession.

Here’s some more info on the place.  For all of you who are serious about living green and going green…this is the spot for you.

Founding Farmers is here to bring you the bounty of true Farm-to-Table choices in an environment dedicated to sustainability…we believe that everyone benefits by knowing more about the source of the food they eat.   We understand the journey from seed to harvest, and from Farm-to-Table, and are dedicated to making that connection each and every time. Owned by a collective of American family farmers, Founding Farmers exists to promote the products and services of family farms, ranches, and fisheries. We also want to educate the public about the long-standing connection between farmers  – the first to lead the “green” movement – and their historic stewardship of natural resources.

Founding Farmers has been designed to meet LEED Gold Standard design criteria, a first for a restaurant in the District of Columbia. LEED is a term used to describe architecture and interior design that has been constructed and created with very little impact on the environment.  Most “green” buildings are usually LEED certified buildings, as designated by the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

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DC Black History: Easter Monday at the National Zoo

Yesterday, March 24th, 2008 Black families gathered at the National Zoo Monday for an Easter tradition. The Easter Monday event started in 1891 when blacks were not allowed to go to the White House Easter Egg Roll (until the Dwight Eisenhower presidency). It’s now called the The African American Family Celebration and has been a Washington-area multicultural tradition for many years. Visitors enjoy a variety of special family activities, including an Easter egg roll and hunt, crafts, and entertainment ranging from children’s dance troupes to costumed characters and storytellers.

Smithsonian Institution Archives, Record Unit 95, Box 35, Folder 19, Neg#  MAH-16831
Easter Monday at the National Zoo, 1900s

The annual Easter Egg Roll on Easter Monday at the National Zoological Park. At the top of the hill, the original 1891 Animal House, also known as the Lion House, designed by William R. Emerson is visible. By the turn of the century the National Zoological Park had become a popular spot to spend Easter Monday. Crowds spent the day seeing the animals, picnicking, and enjoying the Annual Easter Egg Roll on Lion and Tiger Hill, shown here. – Source


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Obama Sweeps DC, MD and VA

It’s a happy day today in DC for Barack Obama supporters.  That’s 8 wins, large margins and key states.  He faces Hillary’s history and support within Hispanic voters who classically don’t vote for African American leaders.  It will be interesting to see if there is an effect from all of the displaced Katrina voters who are now registered in Texas.   In VA, he won among white men and cut into her lead with white women.  This could be the same case in Ohio.  I smell a Obama/McCain race.  The media was acting like Hillary was a bystander last night.

I was awesome to be in DC and MD last night.  Obama supporters were at the metro stations.  I saw a lot of young African Americans…not even of voting age…very excited coming off the train and seeing the supporters.  They were yelling “Obama in O8!”  I was yelling too.  It was great.

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House Negro of the Month: This Guy

The African American man in this “America’s Furniture” commercial is the House Negro of the Month.  I want to say the Jiggaboo of the month…but I’m being nice.

This horrible mess has run 2 years in a row around tax time here in Washington DC.  Why does he have his shirt off!!   Does he know how ignorant he looks.  “You got a big fine couch…!”  What?!?!  Ignorant!!!


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Redskins’ Sean Taylor Murdered

As you would expect, the murder of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor is a big story here in Washington DC. Taylor was shot in the leg in his home during what is being called a possible burglary. The bullet pierced his femoral artery, according to the Miami Herald. Investigators have no description of the suspect, but they are asking for the public’s help in identifying who’s to blame. Taylor’s girlfriend and daughter were in the house during the shooting and weren’t injured.
According to the Herald, Taylor and his girlfriend were awakened by noises in his four-bedroom, $900,000 home. He grabbed a machete from under his bed and went to investigate when an armed intruder burst in the bedroom door and fired two shots, one of which hit the inside of Taylor’s leg, the newspaper said.

Taylor was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center, where he underwent surgery, the Herald said. The gunman hasn’t been caught and Taylor’s lawyer told the paper that nothing was stolen from the house.

Now, to me…this sounds like a hit. First of all, someone was in the man’s home eight days before this shooting.  An intruder pried open a window and went through drawers and a safe in the home and also left a knife on a bed, according to police.   That break-in prompted Taylor to ask for time away from team meetings to handle matters relating to the incident, which was granted by Redskins coach Joe Gibbs.

Second of all, what person that means to rob your house goes to your bedroom, where you will most likely be sleeping, first? Why wouldn’t they have stolen some stuff first? Sure, sure maybe the shooter wanted to kill everyone in their sleep first and then rob the joint, I don’t know. This just doesn’t sound like a robbery to me. Football players usually have flashy cars and being that his girl was home I assume at least one vehicle was at the home, which would tip off the would be robbers that some one was home. Also, do you mean to tell me that $900,000 home had so little security that someone was able to just slip in…in the middle of the night?? Something just doesn’t sound right. Who had access to Sean Taylor’s house, go down the list? Who had the passcodes to the security system? Was there a camera system monitoring the home? Was it a gated community? Come on…there has to be more info on the way. I’ll be watching for more news.

Source: Bloomberg.com

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Halloween in DC: Gentrificaiton and Candy

While walking to the Giant on O Street NW I thought of one of the great things about the Gentrification that’s going on in Washington DC, specifically NW. As I watched all of the beautiful children, most of them African American, I thought about all the upgraded candy they would be collecting from Gentrified households. Not to say that Big Momma and nem’ don’t give great candy, because they do. I saw folks giving out candy from the projects near the Convention Center, and the kids were swarming and happy. However, being from the midwest originally I know that white folks have great goodies at Halloween too. Baked goods…oh yes.

The other great thing I saw tonight was black families all together with the kids, having family time. It was great.

Happy Halloween!!! (For those of you who celebrate it. I know that lots of Christians don’t, and to you I say Happy Any Other Day! LOL)

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