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What does Michele Bachmann know about the African-American community?

I’m confused.  I know that all the potential Republican candidates are basically competing on the airwaves to see who can bash Obama best.  However, Michele Bachmann has tacked on some  promises to her usual President bashing in this video that I’m don’t think she intends to keep.

“This president has failed the Hispanic community. He has failed the African-American community,” she said. “He has failed us all when it comes to jobs.” Um, just because your intern looked up some statistics online, does mean you understand the impact of joblessness in minority communities.

  • Is this how she appeals to Blacks and Latinos?  I guess we’re dumb enough to just believe numbers and not consider the context of our lives or who’s talking, huh?
  • Does she really, really intend to be a jobs champion for Blacks and Latinos?
  • Is equality and job creation in minority communities what the Tea Party has been fighting for all this time?  If so (you know that’s not so) that message has not been clear at all.

I’m very confused.   Is she running for President of the USA or President of the NAACP?  Is she trying to present at the next Alma Awards?  Please!!  People will say anything to get a vote.


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Complete this Sentence: Psychologists told Black People to stop spanking their kids and now…

Finish this sentence for me, people:  “Psychologists told Black People to stop spanking their kids and now…”  You can leave a comment below.

Why do I ask?  Crazy “youngins” on the metro this morning.

If you live in DC, you know that African-American kids can act a dignified fool on the metro trains.  I blame this on the fact that many black parents stopped spanking their kids and strayed from the time-tested methods of discipline that worked for our foremothers and forefathers.

Do you think Martin Luther King was put in time out?  Did Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis have to sit there and think about what they’d done…and then write a letter to their victim as punishment?  I would venture to say that many a famous negro of yesteryear received proper spankings.  I’m not talking extension cords, big wooden boards,  and other out of the ordinary stuff.  I’m not talking about anything that leaves bruises or welts.  Spanking with a hand or belt, NOT beatings.  You can disagree with me and if you think it’s abuse, you’re entitled to your opinion.  As am I.


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The Obama Shirt Spike Lee Was Wearing at the DNC on MSNBC Last Night: Obama Dunking on McCain

spike lee wearing obama dunk shirt

spike lee wearing obama dunk shirt

I love this shirt!!! (If you’re in Denver, you can get the shirt at THE 400) Obama for 2…no Obama for it all. He shoots he scores. In your FACE, McCAIN!!! Slam Dunk!! I’ts called the O-Face T-Shirt and I’m buying one online TODAY. Spike so looked like the black radical we love wearing that shirt. He said he bought the tee in Denver and had to walk 5 miles to get it once he saw it. Now that Spike Lee has worn this UNDRCRWN shirt it on national TV, it’s going to be sported all over (and most likely bootlegged and copied).

Here’s the video of Spike Lee on MSNBC

From hypebeast.com: “UNDRCRWN are the latest to pay homage as the basketball inspired label takes an unforgettable moment in basketball history and makes it distinctly Obama. Teaming up with Karmaloop and Denver retailer The 400, this t-shirt will be presented at this year’s Democratic National Convention in Denver. The inspiration if not immediately evident is based on Vince Carter’s spectacular Dunk over 7 foot something Frenchman Weiss back in 2000. The t-shirt’s sale will benefit local charities looking to improve inner city youth participation in sports.”


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Paul Mooney on Barack Obama, Lil Kim, and Al Sharpton

Paul Mooney stand up routine on Barack Obama and an interview between Paul and JR Valrey (Oakland, CA). Oh Lord, and he tells my favorite joke about a white guy and a genie on a beach!!!!

(7m 59s, mp3, 7.3MB)Download File

Thanks to Youthoutlook.org


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UK: Black Cop says search more youth to stop crime

Wow, Negroes have racial profiling woes all over the world! 

BBC NEWS UK (full article) | More young people should be stopped and searched to help tackle knife and gun crime, a leading black police representative says.

Keith Jarrett, the outgoing president of the National Black Police Association (NBPA), said he would be pressing police for such an approach.

He said: “The black community is telling me we have to look at this.”

Some senior black police officers have criticised the suggestion fearing it could lead to racial profiling.

Black people are six times more likely to be stopped than white people, according to Home Office figures.

This disparity has led to continued charges of police racism and critics say that increased use of stop and search tactics would inevitably affect the black community disproportionately.

Mr Jarrett will use a speech at the NBPA’s annual conference this week to ask Police Minister Tony McNulty and Metropolitan Police chief Sir Ian Blair to consider searching more young people.

The suggestion contradicts the approach taken by the NBPA to date which has questioned the high proportion of black people stopped and searched by police.

Mr Jarrett told BBC News 24: “It’s not that we should stop and search more black youths. It’s not just black people that carry weapons, white people carry weapons as well.

“I am saying the police service should stop young people because young people are the victims of, and the perpetrators of, a lot of these crimes.”

Mr Jarrett said he was reflecting the feelings of the black community who believed stop and search was an effective way of disrupting gangs and reducing violence.

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They’re bringin 80’s back…these young negroes don’t know how to act

Why, why, why are young African Americans wearing 80’s hip hop fashions? I’m seeing this look all over Washington, DC. Bright colors, throwback hip hop t-shirts from Urban Outfitters…what’s next Jams and Short sets? It wasn’t that cute back in 1984. Gold chains (thick rope chains), plaid pants, ill fitting Adidas track suits (i.e. tight like LL Cool J back in the day…he looked good though), asymmetrical hair (men and women…looking like Kwame)…what is all of this. I happened upon the Jeantrix Myspace profile and was like DAYUM…they bringin 80s back, yeah! I’m not going to be buying into this trend. Maybe some retro pumas or old school Adidas joints…but no Yay. No puffy paint, frosted jeans, or huge mega bamboo earrings…NO Yes, yes, yes.

Sorry, I changed my mind…80s fever got me. I just went back to the jeantrix myspace…that sh** is so FRESH! LOL LOL Oh I want one of the hoodies.

80s kids

80s 80s retro

Update: Click here for the follow up article – 80s fashion essentials


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